October 9, 2013

Do-mess-ticities 102

Bowl at the Mingei Museum, 2013.

I felt slightly heroic yesterday.

Yes, go ahead and laugh.  I am.  The shot went well though I was slightly unnerved by the repeated question, “Do you have an epi pen at home?”  No itchies….or little.  No pain, no swelling.  No epi pen tho I probably should have one with all my allergies.

So I moved on to picking up G’s shirts at the cleaners.  On to taking G’s favorite shoes to the shoe repair shop.  That sort of thing.  If you know me at all, you know I am the least domestic person around.  The dishes got done, dinner got planned, and all the little things that make a home work, fell into place.

Today I shuffle books.  Tomorrow is the mammogram day, and I do have years of past Xrays on a disk to take with me.

In the rain. 

I am doubly glad that I moved my mammogram to a more accessible clinic since I dislike driving in the rain.  There’s rain today too turning our streets into glass and the uninitiated into accidents waiting to happen.  News tonight will be interesting. 

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Happily working on his own queue, gym, and last night both NCIS’s.  Tonight we can watch “Agents of SHIELD.”  We both liked the first episode.

  • Herself:  Yes, that noon meeting was a newcomer meeting.  They were all but two new to me.  My hip held up.  Joined a DE Stevenson Yahoo group.  They actually read the books and discuss them.  Today I shuffle books at the store and post pictures to Facebook for the store.  I like that.

  • Reading:  ”Sarah Morris Remembers.”

  • Balance:  Time to one’s self.

    1. I'm being very domestic today, also. Cleaned the floors for the first time in months. Dusted yesterday. I probably hate this stuff even more than you. Since I live alone I can keep my eyes closed. I have visitors coming today. It's a good thing, once or twice a year.

    2. As perhaps you know, I have been getting regular mammograms for the past ten years (almost). At this point in time, all of my history, including the mammograms, are computerized and accessible by my doctors. No more carrying media for me.

      I am pleased with this technology, as my son -- in another state -- is the database administrator for a similar program. (His program serves a consortium of hospitals.)

    3. I have never had a flu shot and seem to have fared well. Good luck with your mammogram.

    4. Take care driving and thanks for the reminder about "Shield."

    5. Yes, driving in the rain here is a challenge. I feel so accomplished since I learned to drive in the snow.

    6. Did a detailed makeover of my large walk-in closet. When I say large...you can put a bed in it! So that was work as it as much a storage closet as a clothes closet. Then spent days with old friends who are visiting. Today I have scheduled a nap!

    7. Inspiring day. I must do this soon. Staples out on Friday. Good to get back to semi-normal.

    8. I smiled at your description of yourself as "the least domestic person" From reading you, I consider you very domestic, as your home always looks so beautiful in photos you show.
      I'm not naturally domestic but have bouts. I'm having one right now, as relatives who've not before been here are coming to lunch next Wednesday. Dirty windows, here I come! They'll be sparkling by next week - I hope!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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