October 4, 2013

Friday Lite...edit!

Ground floor surface at the SD Library.

  • Diet:  The Atkins diet.  That’s G.  With choice of proteins, why was I surprised when he picked steak.  Today will be his second full day on just proteins.  He rediscovered cream cheese.  While he was buying the meats and cheeses, I grabbed the new Hillerman.  More reportage than magic, still it’s hard to put it down.
  • Little whirlwind bits of life flutter around. Neither G nor I have felt really good since that one day a week ago. He’s coming out the other side now while I seem to be in a holding space. Continually not calm tummy’s rule the day in a not so good way.
  • After all that hype yesterday, I ended up letting ennui win while I waited for a visit from Margot.  I let guilt win until I got a little bit of walking in at Costco.  Not enough walking tho.
  • Bought a Mario Bataglia cook book today.  Am having a potatoe salad with capers for dinner, tomorrow asparagus with a tossed green salad, and sunday a cucumber and zuchini salad.  I'm wowed.  I know....portion control indeed.
  • He works at home today.  I’ve gotten spoiled having him around again, but I think he loves the total silence when I’m not here.  Me?  Off to work early as there’s an Fall Preview event at the store.  Nothing much for big folks, but the colors are wonderful.  I’ll photograph it for Facebook.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Working for two people today.

  • Herself:  Working for two people today too.  My Friday co-worker is going on a road trip.

  • Reading:  The new Hillerman.

  • Balance:  The quiet of the early morning.

    1. First to post..but I have been here before. Quit blogging and get out and take a walk...at least 20 minutes!!

    2. What was your op date? You are doing great.

    3. I see that I miss a lot when I don't blog for a week or two. I'll have to backtrack a little and see what's been going on.

      Happy Friday!

    4. You are making remarkable progress! When is the marathon next year?

    5. I'm chuckling at Captain Poolie's note. I too think you are making great progress. Your walking will increase day by day; look how far you have already come!

    6. Maybe your ennui is due in part to grief. You have had several losses recently - maybe it is all hitting you now. Take good care.

    7. Asparagus with tossed salad sounds fabulous. We haven't had asparagus in a while. I love broiling it with a little olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan. Yum.

    8. I wouldn't think you are very noisy.


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