October 25, 2013

Friday Lite

1954 Corvette.  Photo: RGB, 2013.

  • It will be an ordinary day….he works, I work at the shop, he feeds the hungry kitties, things like that.  Tonight we party.  It’s opening night for the Corvette show at the San Diego Auto Museum, and what an opening night it’s going to be.  Yes, I will take plenty of pictures.  Yes too, I will take the mouse cheese cover with us when we go.

  • Facebook:  American Cancer Society Discovery Shop/Point Loma:  When I first started posting pictures on the store’s Facebook page, I didn’t really understand the use of Facebook as a tool.  I didn’t even know how to post pictures come to think of it.  Now that I am up and running again, I note that most folks post several times a day.  So now I do too.  Even though I still haven’t gotten the “Event” section functional, I don’t have to post every photo I took every day.  I’m taking about 45 pictures a day, and I can update an album and come back later to another one.  I’m feeling more functional even if the ‘Events” aren’t.

  • I love this week.  Not one doctor appointment to be seen.

  • Next week I have a fleet of Doctor’s appointments as reminded by the continually arriving approvals from my insurance company.  They say, “Oh yes, you can have this procedure, but we are not necessarily paying for it.”  That bothers me as last year I had to pay $125.00 for a follow up mammogram.  This year it will probably be worse.  I do get to see my hip surgeon free at this two month checkup.  The artery surgeon will be forty bucks.  Ah, the vagaries of insurance.

  • What is a page view?  One day I can have 95 page views.  Another day I get fifteen.  According to the "dashbard, I have 113961 page views on this blog.  I used to think it was visits, but I was told not visits.  So, what are they?

  • Did I mention that the big toe on that leg has a fungus?  No?  I think I need a doctor just for that one leg.  The rest of me is ok….mostly.

  • Life is Really in the Footnotes:
      He was glued to the subro queue.  He’s walking more at the gym tho.
  • Herself:  Was warmly welcomed at the 0645 meeting, and enjoyed the 0800 aerobics which they are switching back to 0730.
  • Reading:  Never again will I be suckered into taking 12 books out of the library at once.  I’m reduced to skimming them so I can get them back on time.  3 to go.
  • Balance:  Working.  Partying.


    1. Goodness, I hope I don't grow a fungus as I seem to be following in your footsteps...Dianne

    2. Here's to life with less and less doctor appointments. I can hope.

    3. You are sounding very good. I'm pleased to read your good words.

      I think a page view is how many posts a person looks at, as opposed to just coming and looking at the top post. In other words, if I don't come every day, but read the four or five posts I've missed, it would count as 4 or 5 page views, but one visit. I don't know exactly what counts. Maybe I would have to click the earlier posts link to count as another page view. I could be wrong about this, I'm just guessing.

    4. Does a visit have to do with time reading and a page view is just a click on the site? Probably not, we should research that, although it will just depress me that I am writing for a dozen eager readers!!

    5. All the best for the problem toe. Affects everything. Maybe partying with vintage Corvette's will rev up its healing.

    6. Ah, at last I'm catching up here! (I've had house guests for the weekend; lovely, but not helpful for reading blogs.)
      How good to have a doctor-free week! But not good to be unsure as to whether your insurance covers procedures. Your system reminds me of how fortunate we are here in Australia. Mammograms are free here to every woman over 45, and between 50 and 74 we receive notices every two years inviting us to have one. If a follow up, it is covered under our medicare.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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