October 17, 2013


Cabrillo National Monument lighthouse in 2013.

My “Good Housekeeping” magazine arrived just before news of the votes on the shutdown.  Frankly, I got more out of the “Good Housekeeping” than I did from the political news from Washington.

I must confess, I used to be an avid participant in our local and National political processes.  I gave tours to senators; I helped with campaigns.  During the time of handwritten invitations, I invited 2500 folks to a wine and cheese tasting at my house.  I don’t think the meet and greet changed anything but me.  I started out handwriting Maggie.  As I sipped my wine and wrote, I devolved into Mage. 

I don’t think this shutdown changed one major thing at all.  It certainly didn’t affect anything the Republican/Tea Party group wanted changed.  Then again, they knew that all along. 

It did change the way I view the lone local republican who voted against ending the shutdown.  I shall make an effort now to get Duncan Hunter out of office.  Who did he think he was kidding by voting no.  It’s a gesture he can make again in four months.

Not only did it hurt military families and the government workers, but it also affected our one and only National Park, Cabrillo National Monument.  There was to have been a major fund raiser on the occasion of this park’s 100 Birthday.   I hadn’t paid a lot of attention before now, but I’m annoyed enough to pay attention now.

No, I don’t want to do this all over again in four months.  The liberal Democrat in me retreats when it comes to money.  I confess that I am a fiscal conservative.  I realized the problems inherent in this, but if I have to balance my budget my government should too. 

So there.

Postcard of the Lighthouse on display in our new library.  Before restoration; date unknown.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  Gym.  Total weight loss: 9 lbs.  “No more died Cokes.”  He loves his job….I have to tell you this.  He had a lot of fun yesterday.
  • Herself:  More mammograms and an ultrasound next week.  Lots and lots of fun with the books yesterday.  The person I work with was having great troubles with her hands and shoulders yesterday.  She barely could get her chair in her van.  So sad.  I’m still feeling pretty good.  Changed my coffee.
  • Reading:  Cadell.
  • Balance:  Walking today.

    1. Well kiddo, I agree. The Tempest in the Teapot is scheduled to happen again in 3 months. My advice to my son, based on my own 3-week furlough experience under Clinton, was to simply let go...you can do nothing, so take the time to enjoy your kids and relax. Thank goodness they are getting back pay.

      Its easy to call the extreme right nut cases when it comes to this situation, but they do have a point. I for one think deficits and debt matter. I mean where does it end? Simply raising taxes on one group of people is neither moral or Constitutional either. Either we all pay more, or no one has their taxes raised, You in CA know what it takes to balance a budget after years of malfeasance. So kudos to you.

      Anyway, we are back to a semblance of normal in Washington, and maybe some Liberals will finally realize what my Mom told me years ago...money does not grow on trees. As for the extreme right, I doubt they will change their ways. Dianne

    2. My second comment. Goodreads and Wordpress seem to have ironed out their problems...ceck out my blog page... D

    3. I shall probably lose a considerable amount of money on this shutdown; it hobbled the program that was going to make it possible for me to support myself without depending on my husband's pensions.

      I told the local representative of these programs that I was going to send a bill to certain members of Congress. His reply: Amen.

    4. If indeed the conservatives believe in keeping the budget intact they should not allow their folks to attach a 2 billion dollar dam bill to the budget funding. Pork and more pork will never bring an end to this. We need to vote for these items transparently. They have their favorites and only care about a balanced budget if it impacts social programs.

    5. It's a relief to read that the crisis is over for you all, at least till next year. We here operate under a different political system, of course. If our Senate will not pass a bill approved by the House of Representatives our Prime Minister can call a double dissolution of parliament and we all vote again, for both houses. Right now our new PM is threatening this if Labor will not allow him to repeal the carbon tax.

    6. I agree. So there! But these days a lot of people see no need to balance their personal budgets. Are our elected folks in DC a reflection of a culture that values neither individual nor governmental fiscal responsibility and integrity?

    7. I feel the right was targeting a president not a deficit. And they abused the people to do so.
      I so love all your designerly photos.
      And I'm sorry you've been feeling poorly. Sometimes it's hard to avoid allergens.
      Thank you for your kind words-they do help lift me up.

    8. Ahhhh-politics. There are so many layers involved and most of them lead back to the Koch brothers and ALEC - one way or another. They are buying the country. Glad to hear you are feeling better.


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