October 8, 2013

The Best Laid Plans....

Since I still am not very good at sitting on a hard metal chair for over an hour, I decided yesterday that I would go to an early morning, one hour, AA meeting. 

Himself forgot to set the alarm.  He brought me coffee though.  What more could I want.

So on my part….I forgot to go to my doctor’s office for my flu shot Friday.  With great feelings of guilt, I called and rescheduled for this morning while muttering about dementia.  The office isn’t interested in the reality…I didn’t look in my appointment book.  I can remember anything in the mornings if I remember to look in the book. 

So today I get a flu shot at nine.  I didn’t consciously eat one egg all year so I could have this shot.  Last year my arm swelled up…itched too, and I blamed this on the egg white base the shot is built on.  I’m allergic to eggs.  I love eggs too.  I hate getting the flu then being sick with upper respiratory stuff for over six months.  So no eggs. 

There’s a newcomer meeting down the hill at noon.  It will be good for me.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Training up north yesterday.  He’s been having lots of problems with one program, but it never malfunctions when the techie is in the office.  Yesterday it did.  G’s boss asked him how much time out of his day these errors took.  G answered about two hours.
  • Herself:  Yesterday:  Gym, played housewife, cooked out of the new-to-me Mario Bataglia Moto cook book.  Read while watching reruns of Antique Roadshow.
  • Reading:  Cadell.
  • Balance:  One I get the flu shot and survive, the day will be good.

    1. Oh me too. Gotta get the flu shot. Maybe Friday? Dianne

    2. Wishing you well. Looking forward to seeing you at the theatre!

    3. Wow, a year without eggs. Good for you. Get that shot. I am totally dependent on my calendar. I have one in my phone too but I still need the paper and pencil one. Writing glues things into my porous memory better than punching buttons.

    4. Ugh.. I hope you were reaction-free from the shot.

    5. By now you will have had the flu shot, I think. And survived? Hopefully. *smile*
      Ah, that embarrassment of missing appointments! I know it well!
      I refuse to get out of bed until I've checked my diary each morning.
      I also daily record friends I've contacted/who've contacted me over the previous day (phone, e-mail, visit, letter) as I had been thinking, far too often "Oh I haven't been in touch with .... for a week or two" when the reality was that ... had initiated the last contact, months previously.

    6. Yikes! That egg allergy sounds dire, especially for someone who likes eggs. Good job on prevention.

    7. I keep trying to log in at OD ... it sits there and spins its little arrow in a circle. Bah! So I come here to be close to my OD friends... Huggers... T

    8. The flu' jabs are a godsend. I hope it settles quickly.
      My problem with dates is I use my diary and the calendar and sometimes only enter in one and miss the appointment. Silly me.

    9. No flu shots for me but my allergist gives me an anti-viral shot that is just as effective (or more!) Hope you don't get any bad results from it.


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