October 2, 2013

The New Library I

The new Library dome.

The new central library is a mass of textures and colors of surface treatments.  Very modern.  Very functional.  Very dramatic.  I love the inside, but I haven’t decided about the outside.

I chose to drive to the Old Town Trolley station, and take the trolley to the library.  After careful research, I discovered there was a station right outside the trolley.  I figured out how to get a ticket and felt a bit triumphant.  When I arrived….I whipped right on by the now vanished station to one many blocks further down the hill.  Now I know.

It’s a very exciting place.  I have ten minutes this morning before I head off to my 15 minutes in the pool.

Left:  The massive concrete arch in the central atrium.  Right:  A sampling of the old books that are now out on the shelves though way up on the 9th floor.

One of the new checkout kiosks.  You can check out piles of books all at once.


  1. Pretty impressive! We just built a new central library too - I should get down there to see it one of these beautiful fall days.

  2. A seriously gordeous WOW!!!! I'd prolly have a panic attack from the height!!!!

  3. I think it looks a bit like a space ship. Very odd looking when you approach from the east. Anxious to see the inside!

  4. Quite a breathtaking piece of architecture. The dome looks like it should have a big star searching telescope in it.

  5. Lucky you!! Good for your determination as well! Our library has some odd architecture as well. Not as big or fancy, of course.

  6. It looks so spacious inside! I wonder if it will attract new users? I imagine so.

  7. We have a new library too, but not nearly so august. Wonderful, and rollator accessible.

  8. It must look fantastic in the sunlight.

  9. Good gosh! That is really incredible. You should see our puny library. I'm so envious!!! I'd spend all day there.


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