November 8, 2013


I’d read for a while, then I’d wrap up a dish or clean off another shelf.  My current book was so well written that when I started reading, I’d find myself crying crocodile tears that wouldn’t stop.  Living and dying were written about so carefully, so beautifully, that my shirt sleeves were wet from my tears.  Even taking another set of dishes off a shelf to give away found me with now dry and gritty eyes.

Perhaps it’s a side effect of my stroke, I would say to myself.  It often is….one eye cries for no reason when the other doesn’t. 

Not yesterday.  I found myself wrapped up in a generational anger that was placed in a beautiful setting.  Bees buzzed around my ears.  Even the ruts in the driveway were magically peopled with snapping turtles that made me smile just before another rush of tears.

Sometimes books affect me that way.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  Got a lot done at work.  Learning about dealing with totals.  I’m awfully proud of him.  Dinner out.  Fish.
  • Herself:  Finally got everything running.  Printed the kids presents, shopped for some other goodies.  Home to fall asleep before our show came on.  We are not adapting well to the time change this year.  Our bodies are still resolutely on daylight savings time.
  • Reading:  Nothing at the moment.
  • Balance:  Working out four days a week now.


    1. The time transition seems to be harder a we age and less than optimum health as well. Its just takes us more time. I've found myself crying more easier at 71 than I did at 61. Maybe its having a heart and larger experience.

    2. We do cry more easily as we get older. Sometimes I think it's because we are less likely to be caught at it. (My mother used to laugh at me whenever I cried for anything other than pain.) I definitely think tears are closer to the surface when we don't feel well.

      Aren't you going to tell us what was the book that is so well written?

    3. You can't write Timesworthy review and not share the title.

    4. You're not reading anything! That's a first. :)

      Looking at your shelf - I haven't read any of those, though that's not unusual because I don't read a book a week or a book a day as some people do.

      Right now, I'm reading "The Signature of All Things" by Elizabeth Gilbert, the "Eat, Pray, Love" lady.

      Only about 20% into it, but so far, I'm enjoying it.

      (I liked hearing from you on my last post and your feelings on the subject...I always do.)

    5. Oops, yes I have read "of Mice and Men." I think we all had to read that in school. And my kids have probably read the "Ramona" book.

    6. Oh yes, what was the name of he well written book, and what made the bees swarm around your head?


    7. Still struggling with Bosnia...400+ pages of it. I was hoping it would be more about the history...but it is mostly about foreign attaches and their struggle in primitive cultures. I think we cry more easily because we can see the big picture better as we age.

    8. Yes, at times the tears come. Maybe in part it's because what we read or experience triggers memories of our own losses and those losses inevitably become greater as we get older? I find a kind of catharsis in the tears a good book causes.

    9. I was thinking about this post last night. I too burst into tears for the slightest reason. Sometimes it is embarrassing. It started when I had the stroke. However, I was 62 and put it down to aging.

      Evaluation next week for dizziness.

    10. I've just finished writing all my posts about our trip to Illinois. A stroke? What? I've got a lot of catching up to do. I haven't read a sad book of late. I cry very easily.

    11. What is the book? You peaked my interest big time...


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