December 7, 2013

December Nights

Copyright: The city of San Diego, 2013.

Here in San Diego, this date that will live in infamy will not only host military celebrations, we will have a gigantic seasonal party in Balboa Park.  Over 350,000 happy folks will brave non-existent parking to enjoy the foods and celebrations of the cities diverse cultures.  The museums will all be open and free from five to nine pm. 

They call this crush>December Nights.
  We will be there around three to get our free parking relatively close to the Automotive Museum. 

Last year a teenaged boy stole someone’s kettle corn off the food table.  This year the volunteer director has objected to my running the food table, for you cannot take food or drink into the museum.  I agree.  I’m still traumatized from the fuss from last year.  The museum director wants me there.  I’d rather be counting folks that come in.

Since the temperature in the doorway will be near 45 F, which is 7.2222222222222 C, I’ve assembled my armor and found some of it missing.  My old silkies went somewhere.  My new silkies say they are the right size but look awfully small.  My warm red hat and scarf are nowhere to be found.  Ah, the realities of cold weather that appears but once a year.

So this morning, we are hitting the neighborhood Target.  So will 350 cops and 350 kids plus families for the annual >“Shop with a Cop.”
  I hope my desire for a warm head gets me to the store before the cops arrive.  Watch me run.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  •>Himself:  He’s still shopping and having a ball.  Playing with his Birthday tablet too.  His birthday is in January.  Estate sales this morning…Bobbie gave us a mixer without bowls.  We can’t donate it without them.  This hunt will keep him going a long, long time.
  • Herself:  Picked to lead meeting….”Into Action.”  Didn’t make a lot of sense, but it was the perfect topic for a room full of new Navy folks.  Found a simple dressy top at “Great Curves” last night.  I will keep that beautiful coat till I lose more weight.
  • Reading:  Imagine, nothing at the moment.
  • Balance:  Having a whole Saturday with G….I miss that.


  1. Museum director trumps volunteer coordinator. Always know that.

  2. I'm smiling at the note above.
    It's nearly 11 a.m. Sunday here as I type, so I'm guessing it's nearly 6 p.m. Saturday there and you are already in the thick of things. I'm sending you some of our warm summer weather to wrap around you to keep you warm.

  3. I have a bowl that went with a mixer I gave away years ago. I think it is 1950s vintage. Too bad you are not nearby, I'd give it to you. It was from Mom's old mixer which went I know not where. I once made hundreds of cakes in it!!

    Happy to hear someone remembered Dec. 7. Good old SD with its Navy!!!

  4. How funny, I have an old mixer bowl with no mixer too. I don't even know how I got it since I've never owned a stand mixer. I think. The Balboa Park event sounded like a lot of fun.

  5. Bless you for dong the temperature in F. I don't do C and I'm too old to start.


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