December 15, 2013

SALES and Other Things

Two etchings, Christmas 2013.

Friday we held a wonderfully insane 50% off SALE day at our store.  Folks took home whole isles full of things.  They swept away great swathes of merchandise…stuff by the armful, by the basketful.  There was a long line of shoppers waiting to check out almost from the moment we opened to the moment I was ready to leave.

Perhaps all the shoppers thought of was the bargains they were getting.  Grabbing this shirt for Auntie Maria and this chair for Uncle Samuel saved them acres of cash.  Some of them might have vaguely thought of the gift they were giving to others as they shopped.  We are the American Cancer Society thrift store after all.

On CBS Sunday morning today, the talking heads suggested that we would never have to buy an item at full price again.  Everything from now on would be on sale.  Look at JCPenney’s.  Their new “Fair Pricing” system lost the company over a billion dollars last year.  They now have gone back to discounts and sales.

We stopped by the store on Saturday afternoon to let G see if there was something he would want.  I looked for a divided bowl I could take to the evening’s party….black olives here and green olives there.  We entered to find an amazingly empty store.  I’ve never seen such emptiness.  One man bought all the children’s things, and someone else bought all the big furniture on the right side of the store.  I was astounded.

They even bought books.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  •>Himself Friday: Slept until three thirty.  Saturday slept, museum, and home early.  He stayed talking energetically at the party for only two hours.  Today the mall to either switch phones or buyout his phone contract.  Boss stopped paying.
  • Herself:  Too many sweets.  Found out what happened to two of my friends…awful things without a happy ending in sight.  Good time at party.  Our tiny gathering is going to be a bust.  Most folks had other plans.  I’ll find another solution for next year.  Energy, what energy.  I'm the one who stands at the bottom of the stairs and stares...not moving.  Today sunny, clear, and a warm 71 degrees F.
  • Reading:  Still nothings.  Imagine being so busy that I don’t have time to read….don’t make time to read.
  • Balance:  Meditation.


  1. Oh shucks! I wish I was there. Then again it's good I wasn't since we'll be doing our annual New Year's clean-up/organizing soon.

  2. I do not need any more stuff...and avoid sales because I do not have resistance. I think your store might be particularly nice because your donors are probably high end folks and let go of treasures. Are your etchings real...not a print, right? They are Asian which seems to feet almost anywhere.

  3. Was there more information about the lovely etchings?
    I am so unimpressed by the current merchandising strategies of the retail world with sales and points and rewards and loyalty cards. I mostly shop at amazon prime. I still wander thrift shops though, justifying this activity as balm for the frustrated sociologist, historian, archeologist in me. Buying decisions are influenced by these questions: Do I need it? Do I have a place for it? Will my children be embarrassed by it when they organize my estate sale? Go Seahawks!

  4. I understand the mention of no time to read. It's been that way for me too. I finally realized I am doing two jobs now (taking over what my husband used to do) and doing my own chores. But I do plan on reading again in 2014. Merry Christmas to both of you.

  5. Hope your shop made a bundle for the cause. Do love thrift shops though even after clearing out a house so I could move. Think I will wait for awhile though.

  6. I too wonder if you know anything of the background of your lovely etchings.
    What an incredible day of selling at the thrift shop! I imagine many folk found those sale prices, just before Christmas, irresistible. Does the store have an annual pre-Christmas sale, I wonder?

  7. Sounds like the holiday spirit is alive and well at your store!


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