December 14, 2013

The Busy Season

Bell Tower at the Museum of Man, Balboa Park, 2013.

It’s the busy season, and I found myself forgetting my camera.  Except at work.  I did well yesterday shooting through the hordes of shoppers at the Discovery Shop’s 50% off sale.  I don’t want to get disclaimers and permissions from the shoppers, So I try not to photograph them.  I do want to show the merchandise on Facebook. 

Frankly, it was the first time in a long time that we had a long line waiting to get in the store.  I had laid away two etchings that I had been watching for three months.  Someone had priced them way over my budget, and I had hoped that the boss would quote a price I could afford.  She did, and I got them, selfishly, for myself as a Christmas present.  (Pictures later.)

Dear G has a cold.  It’s bad enough so he took half a day off work and slept before we headed out to Balboa Park and the Automotive Museum’s party for volunteers.  He got the White Plate award as the “Saturday Sargent.”  Perhaps it should have been for the “Saturday ‘get off that’ Sargent” award.

The food was good, the company delightful.  We laughed a lot, Captain Poolie got an award from her volunteers, and a new board member who sat at our table seemed astounded by it all.  Astounded is good.  Laughter is good too.

It’s the busy season here.  We have had the first holiday shindig, now it is on to the next gathering, the next meeting, the next coffee, tea, or party mixed in with work.  Instead of the general feeling of malaise or depression from the recession, the mood is on the upswing.  More lights, more laughter, more parties…not necessarily fancier but certainly more social than in past years. 

The nights are crisp and clear adding to the feeling of the holidays here in California.  As we cover our outdoor plants, we wrap ourselves up too.  Scarves and warm coats come out of the deep recesses of our closets.  Is that a moth hole?  Is that threadbare?  I pop my coat on anyway, and off we go into the season.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  •>Himself:When asked how he feels, he replied, “Fuzzy but Ok.”  Off to AA Travel to give copies of our passports and plan the hotel in Florida and the car rental home from LA.
  • Herself:  Feeling better all over because of the extra time in the pool.  Just jazzed about those etchings.  I brought home a pound of See’s from the SDAM Gift Exchange Party.  Party for the pool folks this evening.  Gotta remember my squishy seat for these institutional things.
  • Reading:  I won’t tell you.  I’m embarrassed enough, and you would laugh.  Begin WW meetings in January.  I almost can’t get into my new pants.
  • Balance:  Life is good.  Better if I take my squishy seat.  LOL


  1. Tis the season fer sure. We be social this year.

  2. I'm sorry G is sick. It's a bummer of a time to be sick. It's so busy right now. I'm having a hard time keeping up with my blogging. There's too much to do.

  3. Party hardy! Please invite us up to see your etchings.

  4. My annual (actually quadra-annual) checkup reported that I was heavier than I thought!!! So back to eating less and trying to move more, although it is sooo hard for me to be active in the winter months! Only a few parties here, but I really do not like them as much as you.

  5. You sure are busy.. that's good. I'm sure you'll have fun.. and blog fodder. ;) I hope G is feeling better before too long. Nice, colourful header, Mage.

  6. Good food and lot of laughter sound a perfect recipe for an excellent night.
    I'm looking forward to photos of those etchings.

  7. Sounds like you are having a grand time. Yes, remember the squishy seat. I am going to get to Balboa Park next time. Dianne

    PS where do you get all that energy?


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