January 25, 2014

A Birthday

Saki pot and cups at the Mingei Museum.

I’m following the Geezer around this weekend.  His birthday is upcoming, and this year we seem to be celebrating it in stages. 

A discount coupon brought us fish tacos and slaw at the Brigantine earlier this week.  A long awaited game arrived, and his computer needs a new graphics card to play it properly.  He’s been promised a trip to a casino of his choice also….remember this is the guy who won the cost of our honeymoon back at the Las Vegas tables.  Two more coupons wait to be used, and the Jim’s are taking us to their favorite Italian restaurant Sunday night.

Birthdays are food holidays in this culture.  When you are on Weight Watchers point  program, it’s a problem.  A tiny bit of cake from a 22nd birthday last night was probably ten points.  There was a lot of mayo in the really good Brigantine slaw.  More veggies and less fat is the name of the game. 

So today we will pack sandwiches, bananas, and diet cokes with us when we leave the house.  That will get us through Frye’s to buy the graphics card and an estate sale or two on the way to the Automotive Museum.  While he works, I will go see the new show at the Mingei.  I can comfortably walk a bit now, and this will be an exciting outing for me.  Yes, I will take acres of photographs. 

  • Himself:  I’m to sing happy birthday tomorrow….”as it should be.”  Got photos of the garage door going in.  Both vehicles are parked inside.  Watched “Captain Philips<” after the meeting last night.  Powerful film.
  • Herself:  I lost one of my key rings….the store key was on this as well as the house and truck keys.  Lost probably at the store.  Everybody and their brother searched everywhere.
  • Reading:  QEII.
  • Balance:  Trying not to worry about the keys.


    1. I love birthdays in stages, and every celebration, even made up ones mean food in our families.

      A problem is that everyone--except me and one brother-in-law-- is a good cook, and I make up for my lack of cooking skills by sampling and enjoying everybody's efforts. I confess, sometimes it's multiple samples.

    2. Birthdays are ongoing occasions in my family too and not often celebrated on the exact day. Love it. I'm glad to hear you getting around better, may it continue until and congrats on the garage door. I think the camera is a great idea but I hope no one mashes the danged door anymore.

    3. Great way to spend your days! Happy upcoming birthday to your guy. May we all have more birthdays!

    4. I want to go to the Mingei Museum. Love Asian art (Japan, Korea, China).

      All will be well re David's check. Tell G thanks for the encouraging words. Someone played dirty somewhere but AIG is responsible. They had no authorization to release these funds.

      Yes you can have birthday cake. I have been less than careful this week, and dread the scales tomorrow. At least I am using lo-fat half and half, and eating more apples. Dianne

    5. Hope the birthday festivities are fun every single time. Food is what most of us crave this time of year.

    6. There's no better way to celebrate than in stages. I'm sure you'll enjoy Happy almost Birthday to your Geezer. :)

    7. Began F&W today per your enthusiasm. Read Rose Valland, but got bored. Good story,poor author.

    8. Happy birthday to G!
      Birthdays are food occasions here, too, and our celebrations also tend to go on and on. I've already been taken out once to dinner for my birthday - and it's not till next month. The combination of Christmas, holidays and birthday for me in less than two months means that I usually put on weight at this time of the year. (1.5 kg this time, so far.) On the other hand, it's a delightfully social time.

    9. Fish tacos sound great and I loved Fryes. I went there for the first time this last June. Sounds like a lot of fun times coming up.


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