January 11, 2014

A Moment of Balance

Photo Copyright Nexgrill, 2013.

I was hoping to go to an estate sale or two this morning to find antique Hamilton Beach bowls.  We’d given the mixer to a friend many years ago.  It was just like the one her mom had.  She gave it back recently sans bowls, but to donate it to the store, it does have to have bowls.

Nope, The Great Geezer announces that we are going to wash down the Meeting’s BBQ grill instead.  We will be careful of the powder coat, and we will go down the hill to the outdoor car wash to do the dirty deed.  Fill up their sumps with old grease instead of ours.  For a brand new grill, it’s awfully dirty.

Our lives have been quiet here.  The weather is lovely, and I have been (cursing and swearing under my breath), out in the 42 degree F air (5.55555 C) in a bathing suit every morning this week.  I was proud of me.  The stretch in the suit gave out tho, and my every ripple and bulge showed through the failed Lycra on this last day of wear. 

I’ve lost a few pounds this week.  Maybe I could wear one of my newer Costco suits now.  I ate a slice of birthday cake last night at a meeting….it was delicious and 14 points plus on the Weight Watchers program.  It was worth it though as the woman was celebrating 25 years of sobriety. 

  • Himself:  Scrubbing and the museum.  Out to dinner with friends from the Gym this evening.
  • Herself:  Thinking how sane and balanced this day feels on paper.  Work, volunteering, and friends.  Perfect just for today.
  • Reading:  Franklin and Winston….just past Lend Lease.  It’s amazing those two became friends despite the syrup surrounding them.  More will be revealed.


    1. Sometimes, cake is really worth it. Good choice!

    2. Sometimes we just have to make those dangerous sacrifices by eating cake.

    3. I just started Franklin and Winston yesterday, like it a lot. Congrats to the 25 year woman.

    4. Oh it's tough,and devilish David brought home a. Cupcake yesterday. I only ate one bite and said, "GetThee behind me!"Dianne

    5. Bravo on your conscious eating choices. Unlike Dianne, I have not banished anything behind me this holiday season. It wouldn't have been effective, anyway, I fear.My indulgences have made themselves at home on my belly.

      Definitely not bathing suit ready!

    6. Glad your daughter could use your clothes that didn't work for you any longer. And what a find you had at the Discovery shop! Whoo Hoo!

    7. Congratulations, Mage! A little cake now and then is fine so long as it's little. :-)

    8. More than worth it, I'd say!!!

      Don't you hate it when elastic rots!?

      I can understand the cursing...it's been so cold here (single digits for a few days), I haven't wanted to leave the house and so I haven't. I've been reading or playing on the computer, neither good for my posterior spread, now the size of Kansas.

    9. Good luck with that barbeque washing; you will feel great (even though maybe greasy) when it is sparkling clean again.
      That 42 F sounds rather cool to me. Next Tuesday and Wednesday here are predicted to be 42 - but 42 C (107.6 F) I'd rather have your kind of 42!

    10. Congratulations.
      A small legacy my husband has left me is his predilection for cake and I'm lusting after a lemon drizzle just now.
      Still If I keep up all the walking now I'm carless all should be well. Shouldn't it?


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