January 17, 2014

A Sorting We Will Go

  • These very hot days continue.  Red flag fire warnings are called out from every media.  Three men were arrested in LA for starting the giant fire in Glendora, and we are told that no campfires will be allowed in the back country.  You know me, I love old houses.  This fire burned the vacation home of the Singer family that was built in the 1920’s.  I would have liked to see those Spanish arches and colonnades before the flames had turned them to dust.  Then again, I prefer to see fire on television rather than live.

  • At work, my compatriot in crime, Bill the Pricer, is off on a horticultural tour of Hawaii.  He’s touring all four islands and is, I am sure, having a wonderful time.  He’s left a huge gap in the atmosphere of the back room.  Few jokes, little banter, and only work to fill the time.  I don’t feel so bad as I am abandoning him in April.

  • Small things fill my days.  I like that.  I can do these.  Yesterday the doctor didn’t know why I was there either.  When I mentioned the word “insurance” she understood.  The insurance company hadn’t realized that she’d just seen me.  My BP was up, my weight was down, and she’s sending me a letter for the Homeland Security folks about my hip.  Boy, I bet it sets off the bells when I go through security at the airport.

  • Today we both work, go to a meeting by the bay tonight, and tomorrow we will be home at lunch time for our neighbor’s electrician.  Why I don’t understand as he has keys.  G won’t be working Saturday as the museum will be closed for the Gala set-up.  Saturday night we will be joining the beautiful people at the gala.  Nothing like a fund raiser as amusement.

  • Himself:  Really enjoys his work.  Really, really is looking forward to the cruise.  Bought a security camera for the garage door.  He reminded me that this is the third time someone has backed into it.
  • Herself:  I worry about Margot.  She has a bad case of the flu that’s really hanging on.  Me?  My hands and feet have been sticking.  I’m not impressed.  The hot tub really helps.  Pool, work, Facebook, dinner, meeting.
  • Reading:  Still, “Franklin and Winston” hereinafter F&W.  I only make about an hour a day in time to read these days.  One cannot skim this book either.  It’s really rich in detail.
  • Balance:  Today will get to be the stuff I get to sort.


    1. Sounds like a wonderful life, Mage. Keep it up.

    2. I have a card with a picture of my new knees signed by the doctor as bells DO GO off. All this means is that they expect the bells to go off and get a female to pat me down or they send me over to the full body scanner.

      Hawaii sounds nice right about now -- as does looking at beautiful flora. It's cold here.

      Am distressed about your dry, 'red flag' conditions -- so very dangerous.

    3. Terrible weather in your area right now, keeping everyone in my prayers. Wow, a botanical tour of Hawaii sounds fabulous. I'm there in spirit.

    4. "Small things fill my days." Me, too. Thankfully, small things add up. Thinking of all you folks in the fire threat areas. All the best on smooth security checks. Last year going through security in prep for flight to San Francisco was no problem. Our security experience for flight back was more involved.

      The individual checking out me and the terminal's wheelchair was evidently freaked out by the blinking light on the control unit for my Bioness Foot drop system that provides electrical stimulation to help me walk. I may get a letter, too, before any future flights.

    5. Your post is rich in detail. First thanks for the heads up about setting off alarms at the airport. So nice to have a trip to look forward to.

      Love the sunny photo. It's dry there. but the sun is welcome on our grey days.

      Smart move to put up a security camera. Tell G I thought about my 'tea' towel' and him as I wrapped myself after pool time.

      F&W - yes, it sits there looking at me. These large histories are a long slug, but so worth it. Should I begin??

      Checked out volunteer stuff this week and then a voice in my head said…and just when will you do this??


    6. I'm glad things are moving along for you. Hope the security camera does the trick so you can figure out who is doing the damage.

    7. There aren't enough 'Bills' in the world. You are lucky to work with one.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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