January 7, 2014

An Experiment

A cup on the windowsill.  1970’s.

In the old, old days before I met The Geezer, before I read the paper in the mornings, I would write in my journal or draw.  Tucked in among the warm covers on a winter morning, you could find me writing lines of opinion or doodling.  Lately, I’ve devolved into a newspaper reader/morning news channel skimmer while sipping my rapidly cooling coffee.  Only later do I jam a quick entry into the computer….if I can make the time.

This morning, the old laptop sits on a lap tray here in my lap.  It updates while I type.  My coffee cup nestles on a warmer.  Over to the right, the news is on the TV but the sound is off.  Over and over again, Chargers news is played continually.  I’m ignoring it as I type slowly on this unfamiliar keyboard. 

I suppose I could read the paper online, but I am glad to let the conservative opinions go.  I miss dear Abby, but she is online.  I’ll miss the Obits…often there was someone I knew.  Last week it was my last boss’s dad.  I liked him a lot.  He was a retired Green Beret.  He would join me at my Padre’s gate where he would talk Army and smoke a smelly cigar.  I would happily listen.  I liked him.

I’ll find a new way of listening.  I’m hooked to the network from under my warm quilt, and I should be able to reach the rest of the world easily from here.  Can you see me waving.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  A simple day:  Gym, work, NCIS.
  • Herself:  Gym, publish this with coffee cup image, wash the bed quilt,  cook, NCIS.  Find passports.  Did I take them back to the bank?  I sure hope so.
  • Reading:  Just finished “Crypt Thief” by Mark Pryor.  The last 1/3 was a little dry as in losing the carefully constructed character of our hero.
  • Balance:  Playing with the new.

    1. You have written a few times about your habit of reading the obituaries. It makes me realize what a large network you have and how you have not moved a great deal from your earlier years. My former friends and acquaintances are so scattered that the obituaries I read here are only to see what the average age of death is in this county and to make myself feel good since I am usually a couple of decades away from that average.

    2. My new Kindle arrived as did my new waterpik. Now typing on thiPad. Gizmos !, trying to stay warm!

    3. I love to return to my bed with my morning cup of coffee and watch through skylights and window as the day wakes up. My bedroom is the lightest room in my cottage and I have spent more than a few hours wondering if I couldn't move all of my daytime living up to this comfortable beautiful room. I do believe if I am ever going to write the great America novel or the ultimate totally delicious phrase or sentence, it will be while sipping coffee in my treehouse bedroom.

    4. I love this! What a gorgeous pen and ink. My nephew is supposed to be talented according to my brother, but he's afraid to show his work to anyone. I've just given him paper and told him to draw some flowers for me. I wonder if he'll actually do it.

    5. this beautiful drawing feels so familar to me! it feels like home! you caught 'home'. mmmmm, thank you! xoxo c!


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