January 29, 2014

Moving House

The photo chosen for Prosebox.  1999, Copyright G.  High over the Zoo.

For those of us who keep journals online, moving their pages is a heartbreak in a way.  Many of my friends, fifteen years of them, are all making decisions about their new writing homes, whether to keep writing, and what changes they want to deal with.  Some of us were not computer functional, for those this has been a struggle.

For me, I’m to the color, style, photo stage.  I can do this once I figure out how to find the buttons I need to push.  A much cropped version of the 1999 Zoo photo is my choice of face.  Not only was Open Diary, (OD), the first diary-blog site online, the writers were all supposed to be anonymous.  The names we chose certainly represented new personas…I was Georgette.  Now it’s nice to be me again.

The store was a busy place today.  Everyone is getting ready for the annual Jewelry sale.  Lots of stuff….lots of volunteers hanging earrings, necklaces, and bracelets on felted holders.  I fussed with the new site before and after work.  There’s nothing really nice or charming about it other than all my friends.  It’s easier to use than many other sites, but it’s still a cacophony of ads and white boxes which, I believe will improve with time.   

I thank Journalist EWS for creating a place these fleeing refugees friends can meet again.

  • Himself:  Last night watched “Intelligence.”  Today: Gym, Work, Weight Watchers, and out for a fish taco for dinner.
  • Herself:  Today:  Pool, photos, price books, shelve books, sort, home to post pictures, then WW.
  • Reading:  QEII
  • Balance:  None so far, but I’m looking forward to finding some.


    1. People keep telling me to move to Wordpress because it has less glitches. However, Blogspot is my home and it's where my cyber family lives, glitches and all.

      By the way, Kathy also asked me about the threaded comments today so I'm moving my post about how to do it to Monday instead of Wednesday. :- )

    2. It's a great picture. Look at how much you have learned!

      I moved from d'land, not because it was closing, but because its service deteriorated.

    3. I haven't really 'lit' anywhere, but have announced WordPress because (as you said here) it seems to be the easiest to learn. I'm still a bit shell-shocked to know that OD is truly history. It seemed as though Rick passed away and OD went at the same time. Where has Seedys gone??

    4. I felt the same way when Xanga was supposed to close. Now it is still here but so difficult to maneuver. I have the same blog on 3 different sites and still don't feel like I can stay connected with my blogger friends as easily as before.

    5. Offline for a few days,back now to catching up with friends. Balance I need some. Tanked up on coffee today. Need food. Dianne


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