February 19, 2014

Journeying About

American Indian Museum, glass horse mask, 2013.

I’m free of exercise this week because the heater on the pool is broken.  G tempts me with things like, “Camille and Amy were in the gym this morning.”  Or, “Come to the gym after you write; you can shower there.”  Isn’t that penny pinching?  It’s as if any physical exercise would tempt me away from laboriously crafting an entry this morning.  I took time yesterday to work on a photo but not to write.  Today I really want to put words down here, but not exercise.  No matter what all those wonderful doctors, my common sense, and reality tell me, exercise is dreadful stuff.

I moved about yesterday instead.  Under thin, high clouds, I ran the tax papers to our CPA by the bay.  He sits at the rear of his darkened office and meets with clients far away from the blue of the water and the clear dreaming of the sail boats outside his door.  He loves his numbers.  I love his view.

I crawled over the ridge of Point Loma, slowly because the major artery to the end of the Point was closed by police by an early morning major accident.  I lookie looed with all the rest as I passed by on my way to the jewelers.  Another point on my keeper ring missing.  “Did you lose another garnet,” he asks as I come in his door.  “Just a point to hold one in,” I reply.  I hate losing my beautiful rich colored garnets.

On to the tailor.  I bought a dress from Land’s End knowing it would be too big but not how much too big.  This day, not only do I get a parking place right in front, she takes the top of the dress in four inches a side.  Nothing in on the bottom half.  Even as I lose a pound a week most weeks, my bottom half persists in being a 22. 

Knowing I will never look like the models in the catalogue, I’m still pleased my top half is now an 18.  Perhaps that’s a journey in itself.

  • Himself:  Working hard these days.  Last year he got a huge bonus, but this year the days just pass by like those thin, high clouds.  WW tonight.  Everyday his belt size shrinks.  He needs new belts.
  • Herself:  Loved having the pool heater broken.  Loved feeling free once the cold was gone.  Books at the store today, and later WW.  Probably gained because of all those Glorious M&M’s I ate with the movie.
  • Reading:  ”The Boys in the Boat.”  A laboriously researched book about the crew that won the gold in the 1939 Olympics.  The start of the book was awfully dry, but once they began racing, the book picked up.  Having the day off let me finish the book.  There’s an Anne Perry waiting for me now.
  • Balance:  Taking the time to carefully pick up each room and put it back to its balance.  Made me feel good.  Now they are beginning to look slobby again.

    1. If you don't exercise and get to walking, I'm not going to have any sympathy for you on our vacation or at comic Con or at Spring Roundup.


    2. I envy you your seamstress and four " a side! BRAVA!
      And G is a wily one, isn't he. And so subtle! ;)

    3. You have a jeweler and a seamstress? Must be nice. I barely have a seafood guy. 230 calories in a 1.5 ounce bag of M&Ms. Don't even consider those huge bags at the theaters. Force yourself to stand and walk more if you are going to blow off exercise today...(she says as she blows off her own plans.)

    4. Oh well, my exercise this morning was standing at the sink doing the dishes instead of shoving them into the dishwasher. It all counts right ;-)

    5. Like your balance. I missed the pool this AM too. But not by much. Girls told me Monday, see you Wednesday! Had a doc appt. I forgot. Yes writing is important too! Dianne

    6. I'm guilty, too. I relish the occasional guilt-free abandonment of exercise due to circumstances beyond my control. Woohoo!

    7. That's a big, bold piece of art!

      Size 18/22? Didn't I see you on another post looking more like a 16, dressed up with G in front of a red sports car? :)

      Thanks for leaving your "book habits" on my post. Fun to hear everyone's relationship to books. You do a great job on your blog with book talk.

    8. I figured doing the Aloha Run/Walk on Monday gave me credit for yesterday and today. I needed my joints to recover. No excuse for tomorrow though. I want you to get out there with me in spirit, Mage. :-)

    9. Your G is just like my Art. They're doing this for our own good.


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