February 10, 2014



We are already to the tenth.  There’s nothing I can do about the way time flies just like I’m not going to do anything about my wrinkles.  I am going to do something about the lack of food in the house.  I am going off to take more pictures to post on the store account page at Facebook.  I’m going to call Bobbie who still looks 30 instead of my age….darn it. 

The ISP seems up, the car and truck are running, and there’s sun outside.  George is still a little fuzzy but better.  Just today, life is pretty darned good.

  • Himself:  Long naps all weekend
  • Herself:  Skimmed a new book on Pearl Harbor and moved on to Ballard's book on Midway.  Ron, a fellow swimmer and poet, died of Alzheimer's Friday.  He was a marvelously vital man.
  • Reading:  Midway.

  • Balance:  I like doing errands.

    1. Book looks interesting! With Midway and Operation Barbarossa, the war was over in 1942, but the Nazis kept fighting anyway!!

    2. Glad George is on the mend. Had to laugh about wrinkles. Me too!

      You and Dianne are such good examples of reading intellectually fulfilling books. Unfortunately I am not following your example. Other than ESV Bible and some really good commentaries, I am still relaxing with fluff fiction.

    3. I'm glad he's feeling better. I'm always surprised when I see my wrinkles and double chin. When did they start anyway? Time does fly. Sigh...


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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