February 27, 2014

Wind, Rain, and Fear ... Plus

Rain in Ketchikan, Alaska.

I’m staying home.  Now.  But in a couple of hours I have to get myself out on the rain-slick roads for a doctor’s appointment.  It’s not far away.  On a clear day I can see across the mouth of the San Diego River plain to Hillcrest.  Not today.  The sky is black, and the winds have picked up pushing a storm inland.

I love rain.  We need it badly too.  I love storms.  What I no longer like is driving in the rain.  It never used to bother me at all.  Ever since an accident in the seventies, I’ve actually been frightened of driving in the rain. 

I had promised the kids I would take them to the movies.  My car wouldn’t start.  I borrowed my neighbor’s VW beetle, and piled all the kids in the back seat.  The rain was coming down nicely.  The day was perfect for going to a movie, and I headed out with a happy car full.  Just at my exit in Mission Valley, I looked in my mirrors, and began pulling over….into a horrific sounding crunch.  I’d hit a just restored, small pink Buick.  It was my fault the officer said.

I had to borrow the money from my mother, at my age, to fix the Buick and the VW.  Nothing restored my confidence about driving in the rain.  Now thirty years later, I’m still faced with my rainy day fears.  The doctor can help me with my fungus and cruise ship food allergies, but only dry days will help with the slick roads.

Just fine.  I made it there and back intact...as you knew I would.  I've got two solutions for the food allergies I have aboard ship, my BP is in a happy place, and it's lunch time.  

  • Himself:  It was his work monitor that went.  He got all but the color fixed, and he happily worked and played all day in his corner office.  He lost .4 yesterday….headed in the right direction.
  • Herself:  Got two wagonloads of books priced and out on the shelves.  Stayed a bit late to help with a giant donation.  The lady I sort with has breast cancer…surgery today.  The boss is tired but almost through her radiation.  Margot came to the store and found half a new wardrobe.  WW meeting lively.  Lost 2.0 even.  It’s a shame WW doesn’t count the weight I lost before I started back to meetings.
  • Reading:  ”N” this time.  Working my way through the alphabet.
  • Balance:  My new black dress is ready at the Seamstress’s.


    1. I like storms, too. I just looked at your radar and there is some really healthy rain coming down -- I'm glad for you all. Been hoping for a healthy Pineapple Express for the 'Left' Coast.

      Oh, and Mage -- that 'pink' Buick -- just begging to be hit! ;)

    2. I have lots of errands today. Unfortunately.

    3. Sounds asifyou are busy and happy. I became afraid of nighttime driving, and don't go out after dark these days. But then we are usually in bed by 9:oo. Refrain, you can tell those define men to stop the rain dance now. Good news is the snow in the Sierras. You will have water this summer!

    4. It is normal to be more wary of driving challenges as we age. We do not see as well, hear as well or react as fast and we are force to really concentrate! I hate driving in the rain...and will not drive in the rain at night unless it is a very short trip.

    5. Glad you're home safe and sound.

    6. Today wasn't bad for rain. Tomorrow will be a different story.

    7. Well, I've had two accidents and I really hate driving in any kind of weather. Sigh...


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