March 18, 2014

New for Old

We found a new blue rug to replace this one.  But it isn’t the same on our feet or our home.

The old rug works better than the new, too dark, too wide, too short blue rug.  We both agree that mathematically the new rug is just the wrong length.  It trips us up.  Not safe at all. 

We got a new serpentine belt for Grumpy when the old belt was adjudged cracked too.  That wasn’t safe either.  The Great Geezer put the new belt on, and before you could say “cracked belt,” the inside of the engine compartment was covered in a fine black dust, and the new belt sported ridges. 

I wiped all the dust away carefully just the other day leaving squeaky clean surfaces under the hood.  When we took it to the mechanic today, he gave us an inspired lecture about his inability to judge what was wrong under the hood because we cleaned up the evidence. 

I certainly did. 

So now Grumpy has a third, new serpentine belt…installed at no labor cost.  And we wait to see what get’s covered in a fine black dust this time.  In the meantime, the old rug is washed and ready to go back down. 

  • Himself:  He had a great day at work, and got the laundry done.

  • Herself:  No Bobbie.  I hung around expecting her, but she did call mid morning.  Got my world tidied.

  • Reading:  Finished the last Maggie Hope, and am now reading, “A Very Strange Way to go to War: The Canberra in the Falklands.”  This flagship of the P&O was drafted as a troopship and hospital ship during the Falklands War.  Well written so far.

  • Balance:  Found “Fresh and Fast Vegetarian that make a meal” and some lovely salads this last week.


    1. The blue of this old rug matches the tiles.

    2. I like the blue rug but I understand that neither of you wants to trip over it.

    3. I like the old rug and the tiles beneath it.

      So you were caught aiding and abetting a fan belt? :)

    4. I love the tiles and the rug. It is so you!

    5. Rugs..the bane of our walking. I had a dog who ate a rug, one bite at a time!

    6. Gorgeous tiles. I have removed all the rugs from my house; just can't seem to stop tripping over them. Miss them though.

    7. I love your orange tiles. The blue rug goes well with them.

    8. The rug in the photo fits so well both in size and co-ordinating colour it's a shame to replace it. Does it really need replacing?
      It looks like it is for your kitchen - bad place really for a rug.
      Take care

    9. You house is just so lovely. Getting new blinds for windows that have been uncovered for years and wish you were next door to help me shop. Maybe I will post a photo and you can tell me what I should have thunk...but you won't.

    10. It is a beautiful floor. I'd be tempted to hang on to the old one.


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