April 30, 2014


Rushing hither and yon.  2014.

I worked hard on that comedienne piece yesterday.  My points aren’t very clear yet but I have a good start on things.  Yes, I got permission to use a picture from a very dramatic site about Grossingers.  Dianne indicates that I am four sheets to the wind about the Borscht Belt.  I reply that if not for these wonderful resorts, we wouldn’t have any of the laughter we had in the last half of the twentieth century. 

Off to a staff meeting.  I even had the temerity to call the lady I give rides to at 0730 about the pickup time. 

  • Himself:  Working very overtime.

  • Herself:  Working.  LOL

  • Reading:  Just finished a romance and moved on to the book about American Artists in Paris.

  • Stuff: Cranked up the sewing machine and made darts in some things so I could still wear them. 


    1. That last line is awesome!!!

    2. So what is the title of the book on artists in Paris?

    3. Got the McCullough book. Read first chapter. Loving it.

    4. I love that boat! And you are fabulous!

    5. We spent the first night of our honeymoon at Grossingers when a severe rainstorm prevented us from getting to New York. At the time I believe prizefighters were training there along with comedy guys. We always that said we learned to fight (and joke) there. I have heard that the property is in very sad shape now.

    6. Your adding darts is an affirmation of your success at subtracting elsewhere. Bravo!


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