May 1, 2014

A Cracked May Day

Canal Authorities leaving after visiting a coaster in the Canal.

I chipped the rear of a crown before we left on our trip.  Nothing much, I thought.  I’ll go fix it when we return.  Time to fix things was last week, and I called to make an appointment.

Today he peered in and agreed with me.  I would have to floss carefully, but it would last till next year.  Just as I was leaving he said, “Let’s take an ex-ray.”   And so we did.

The problem wasn’t the break at the end of the crown, it was the cavity under the front.  There’s a good sized depression there that I am always fighting with….every meal leaves it’s detritus.  The worse news is that the crown in front of the broken one is cracked.  No cavity tho.  This is good.  I won’t tell you, but I did pay for it all…all, and came home to a smushy lunch.   

Sometimes smushy chicken salads are the best things going.

  • Himself:  Couldn’t get his modem going this morning, so his queue is just about 200 now.
  • Herself:  Swim and dentist.  Banal.
  • Reading:  Pausing with the artists and am reading a salvage book about 1941 Pearl Harbor.

  • Stuff:  G fixed the lamp I broke at the shop yesterday on his lunch hour.  Fixed our 1939 toaster foot too.  I am very grateful.

    1. I don't envy you the dental work to come. I have my own looming over my head--but I need new eyeglasses even more. So will get those first. Take care -- I can so identify with those nasty pockets between the teeth. :/

    2. Oh ouch! Everytime I go into the dentist she tells me, "Uh oh, let's put a watch on that one too." I'm holding my breath waiting for her to say, "It's time to do it." Arrrghhh!

      I'm glad you get to wait a bit for it, too. It's always worrisome to have something like that over our head (or in our head).

    3. I am having problems with teeth hygiene as well. One of the gifts of aging I guess. I also think I have cracked a metatarsal on my left foot, but am way to busy to stop and let it heal. Are you not glad I shared?

    4. My designer dentist says that most of us 60plus folks got mediocre dental care as kids even when our parents provided the best available. And we are paying now with replaced broken fillings, root canals, crowns and implants. My kids have fabulous million dollar smiles that will carry them into their 80's. The 11th Commandment: take Care Of Your Teeth!

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    6. I hate dental issues. Grrrrr! Glad you survived. Will call soon to set up breakfast.

    7. So sorry, but get'em fixed. Turns out those little dental bugs can get into your cardiovascular system and make trouble.

    8. Repair work, every where you look repair work. A fellow new to AA told David that he passed out at his third meeting to wake up and find a priest giving him Extreme Unction. His first thought...what the hell have I got myself into!

      Got the McCullough book. Like it. Got both the Kindle and a used hard copy for 4dollars. Will give the latter to my artist granddaughter. Thanks for the tip.

    9. That's too bad about the crowns and cavity. I hate going to the dentist.

    10. Sending thoughts your way for pain-free and successful recovery from dental woes.


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