May 13, 2014

In the Heat of the Moment

Iguana on an Aruban cactus.  Photo C G

Monday:  The air was perfect, and the pool was just warm enough to truly enjoy our workout.  It was 82.  So half an hour jumping up and down then 15 minutes of stretches take me into my day.  Afterwards, I stopped at the Central Office where they said they needed phone volunteers.  They didn’t.  I couldn’t pick up my camera because there was a card lock error which appeared when I got there.  I also let them have the back-up as the function switch has stopped functioning.  Afterwards I took Mia’s 250 books to the store.  Once I told G that I was going to be using his camera again, the pressure was off.

 Tuesday:  The boss at work suggested I come in and train someone to help me today.  She suggested that perhaps the volunteer doing the job on my off days didn’t know the difference between fiction and non-fiction.  Since I’m not a tactful person, we will have to see how that goes.  It will be a hundred degrees F here at the coast today.  Simple dinner…cold foods, and two NCIS finales this evening.  What more could I want.  G’daughter Beth called and invited us to her upcoming graduation.  I’m very grateful she called, but I have a feeling that we are last minute graduation guests suggested by her mother.  Invites are in the mail, she tells us.  Poor G had to call his boss about this last minute stuff, and I worry that they now think him unreliable.  He will be working 8 hour days, just starting them at dawn.

Captain Poolie and her sister Mia at lunch Saturday.


  1. Lovely photos, good luck on the training.

  2. So subtlety isn't your strong suit, eh? :) Should be interesting.

    Yes, we went from frigid here right to damn hot with high humidity. My hair looks like I've been receiving shock treatments.

    Love your photo.

  3. Loved the looks on your friends' faces. Full Day ahead.

  4. Loved the looks on your friends' faces. Full Day ahead.

  5. It's the season of invitations. My feelings are usually ambivalent. Nice that people care enough to invite us (or feel obligated to invite us), but as with G, sometimes the timing is not good. However, once I get there, I switch gears and enjoy it. Hope you all will too.

  6. Oh to have some warmth in the air, oh to be able to use an outdoor pool. Guess it's the indoor pool for me for the next few months.
    Glad you enjoyed your cruise - was the onboard library any good?
    Take care

  7. I hope to attend my daughter's graduation in Vegas next year, but might not if my illness continues.

  8. I wish I could help you at your store. I do know the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Connie and I had a long discussion about this topic last Saturday. Mostly, it is a fictitious distinction.

    I doubt you get many real nonfiction books as readers tend to prefer secrets and lies. Haha.

    Yes we can get together. I will talk to Wendy. I am to be there for Halloween stuff. Lunch on Friday will probably work, as I will be at their house for trick or treat. Would like to see your thrift shop too.

  9. I have seen your hot weather and am afraid it is now heading our way...with lots of rain included.

  10. Looks like they had just finished a really great lunch! It reminds me of our brown bag lunches with M.E. So many great times ... she was a wonderful friend. Hugs to you both!


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