June 20, 2014

A FAB Weekend

Psychedelic image from the FAB fair which focused on the Beatles years.

First the big sale today.  Once that’s over, it’s home to find something semi arty to wear to a Mingei opening tonight.  Tomorrow morning we switch from Earthlink/Mindspring to Cox.  This means moving furniture out of the way because the cable is behind everything.  For the first year, the cost will be $60.00 less.  After that, it will be the same.

Saturday, when he goes to work the museum and the Orphan Car exhibit, I have the afternoon off.  Imagine.  We need to pick a new email address, and I can send it out to everyone.  There’s an overlap with ISP’s, so I will worry about the online stuff Sunday.  A pile of good books await my attention and a simple dinner will follow.

Sunday, I will be going to my first ever Wedding shower.  Imagine, I have managed to escape this cultural icon forever.  Deputized to buy gifts from Bill and Gloria, we all got her two expensive medium grey hand towels.  She wanted grey or white towels, now she has them for the next twenty some years.

Monday, we will return to real life which is just fine lately…except for my cooking.  Life is pretty darned good, come to think of it.

  • Himself:  Working really hard but struggling with updated work programs.

  • Friends:  Seedys husband doesn’t have cancer after all.  No TB either.  The experts in Juneau are running more involved tests, and we will know more later.  In the meantime, Bill is eating again and is feeling better.

  • Reading:  Finished the newest Janet Evanovich “12.”  It’s a keeper…much better than the last one.  I’m also half way through the newest JA Jance.  It too is good.

  • Balance:  Remembering to keep my reading balanced with my life. 


    1. Are you blazing or lazing.? I can never tell. Showers kept me broke at work. Reading Citizen Canine. Tough going in places. We humans have behaved very badly at times. And yet dogs, like abused children still know how to love.

    2. Getting ready for another trip with family. They are really exhausting me this summer...sorry if I do not sound grateful.

    3. Hope you find the perfect artsy outfit and also enjoy your first wedding shower. They can be long and boring at times. LOL

    4. How have you escaped that for so long? You lucky duck! Well, you aren't lucky today...... Sorry.

    5. On warpath with county government. They are trying to turn our local park over to developers. Makes life less pleasant for all inhabitants while enriching folks (realtors, investors, etc.) outside the county. Making taxes rise and hurting seniors. We are mad as he'll and not taking it anymore.

      Signed petitions and protested this morning. Called Smart Growth. We call it Smartypants growth.

    6. I have that Evanovitch book!! will set it aside to read after I finish the book on my Kindle. Where was that dancing photo taken? It looks like a really gorgeous place.


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