June 10, 2014


Caged prizes.

Life returns to some sort of normal rhythm broken always by the unexpected. 

My money man came by yesterday with paperwork.  Transferring the Pacific Life Annuity into another form of Annuity seems sensible.  I have always hated that annuity feeling as if I got roped into something I didn’t understand.  Lots of signatures.  G get’s the remaining moneys when I die.  Or it goes to the kids.  I get less now, but in the long run it’s a better set up.

He advised me to take the trips I’ve wanted to take.  There’s enough money in another account.  I’ll think about spending that wildly when we finish repaying ourselves for the Panama trip.

Swim, work at the Discovery shop, play with my photographs, write, grocery shop.  Enjoy the cool fogs of June too.  I start back at the gym with weights today.  Add that to the rhythm of my days.  I call Bobbie yesterday.  It was my turn.  She was very cranky, and I heard echoes of my long ago crankyness in her voice.  I’m not at all cranky these days not even over my still painful hip.

Comic Con is almost here.  The joy and madness of the crowds and costumes always delight me.  We ordered a scooter there too.  I could have never walked nine hours at the fair, but with a scooter I could walk and ride.  Walk more.  At least walking helped balance out the cream puff and the half bar of fudge.  Next year I will walk the whole fair.  Walk all of Comic Con too. 

  • Himself:  Work, a lite dinner, and a meeting in Poway.
  • Herself:  Breaking in a new swim suit and finding it fits.  The trip photo album came and it’s truncated but good.
  • Reading:  Hillerman’s “The Dark Wind.”
  • Balance:  Today: Tracking really simple foods.


    1. Taking a trip.....not taking a trip....

    2. It seems like you have life well in hand.

    3. Good times. I've been debating whether to roll a couple of IRAs into an annuity. Sometimes it's a good thing. My hip hurts too, but the knee is the problem. Poor bursa can't take all the bobbing and weaving.

    4. You have got me singing, "You've got rhythm." I'm proud of you and inspired. Hope you are documenting your Comic Con experiences with your camera again this year.

    5. Sounds like live is now in balance at our end of the continent. It is wise that you can see the gene pool call at the other end of the phone. Our lives are so complex and wonderful even with challenges. I hope you do more walking than riding at ComicCon this year.

    6. It's good to have your life back to normal again.

      We're trying to take our trips now while we can. Soon, I know we won't be able to leave mom at home or our own health could begin to suffer. We have to grab the moment while we can.

    7. Came back to reread. A day without a post from Mage is a sad day.

    8. A time and place for everything. You rock.


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