August 23, 2014

A Saturday

I was owned by one of these for 12 years.  I’d love to have this one, but good looks don’t mean good condition.

  • Himself:  He played with his space game this morning while I read my space mystery.  Later we are off to an estate sale before he goes to docent at the museum.  He will pick Pete up after work then com e get me.  Life is good.  He is counting years till his retirement.
  • Herself:  The weather is changing which is a nice way of saying my arthritis is winning.  Estate sale, put covers on books while he is at the museum, and dinner at Brigantine with Pete from the Petco Park year.  He too is retired.
  • Reading:  Still working my way through the Elizabeth Moon space opera’s and having a grand time.
  • Balance:  Uninturrupted quiet at home for a while this afternoon.  Got both books downloaded to my Nook for the Wednesday afternoon meeting. 


    1. I am having a quiet day. Loving it!

    2. I remember driving around OB in that car back in 1974.

    3. Datsun is certainly a name from the past. We drove a Toyota Corolla for 12 years.

    4. A quiet day reading. I've done a bit of that lately. We worked outside several days this week. Garden looking better. Hope your weekend goes well.

    5. Glad you made it through the week with all those appts. Hoping your Sunday is quiet and enjoyable.


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