August 31, 2014

Confessions of a Slob

America entering the San Diego harbor, 2009.

Perhaps every home has a moment like this.  We rush in after work.  That bag or this bag will be going somewhere else tomorrow, so we put the bag down in the garage.  Dear G puts things on the bed lid of the truck or in front of the shelving.  I have a tendency to put things on the BBQ or the floor near it.  Or the washer.  Or the dryer.

Pretty soon, the garage is edged with bags, boxes, or a miscellaneous of containers.  Like lace or fringe.

I announced loudly this week that we were cleaning out the garage today.  “I don’t see why we can’t get rid of things,” I said knowing that thought was premature.  Still, after we make our cake, I hope we will go down and dent the garage cacophony before we go buy him a new phone.  Yes, washing a phone will kill it.

Tomorrow we will go down to the harbor and see the ships of the “Festival of Sail.” 

  • Himself:  Playing his game.
  • Herself:  Writing you before diving into the dust of the garage.
  • Reading:  ”Orange is the New Black.”  She writes well.
  • Balance:  Licking the mixer beaters.


    1. Started several books lately and put them down. I am so hooked on history, I better get back to it. Licking beaters. Love it. Buying new clothes and returning them. Nothing fits anymore. I should have kept up my sewing skills.

    2. I tend to be the one who wants things put away. Art leaves things meaning to put them away. Eventually things get done. Ah well.

      That is one huuuuge flag! Amazing. It almost looks like it could tip over the boat.

    3. I am in sympathy with you or is it empathy? Emptied out my rental storage and now it is sitting all over my little condo. Putting up shelves in my storage here to move stuff and bagging stuff to give away. Again. Hope all goes well in your garage.

    4. Slob - who you calling a slob!
      It is a known fact that some things do not have homes, they are most comfortable just being somewhere - anywhere will do. And if they are covered by something else and hidden from view they seem to be happier still.
      So I will continue to place my things wherever they land lol
      Mind you I will continue to grumble and groan when I need them and can't find them !
      Take care

    5. Slob? That ain't slob. That's just a little bit messy. Hah!

      Looking for a new book and I forgot I have OITNB on my Nook. I will start it today. My daughter and I watched a couple of seasons of the show and were like "Eh..."

    6. The path thru our garage is getting narrower, but we sort it out before winter so we can keep our car in there. Most on the street don't bother and leave their vehicles out all year, but we prefer not to scrape all winter.

    7. Today I was having lunch with Kaylee, sitting at the table in what is supposed to be our dining room. That's where the "upside down" machine (what Kaylee calls Dennis' inversion table) lives as do the golf clubs (Dennis' & Kaylees), Kaylee's toy boxes. The table has well, what a mess. We don't sit there often because for some reason, everything we don't put away ends up there! Storage in this apartment is awful so we can't bring in too much stuff.

    8. Good luck with the clutter.

    9. We have a brand new HUGE garage and it's all filled with junk.. mostly junk that the contractors will remove eventually. If they ever truly get done. Nary a bit of space for anything larger than the lawn mower.

      I'm watching Orange is the New Black and enjoying it muchly.


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