August 13, 2014


I’ve done my exercise class, the house is clean, the bed made…of all things, and the cars washed.  I’ve made menus and grocery shopped, and I’ve even doodled until interrupted.  Thanks to the Great Geezer, the laundry is done.  I'm quiet and it's all good.

I try to stay out of his way while he works.  He works right across from me.  I can too easily say things when he hates interruptions.  Then again, there are all these wonderful blogs to read, to catch up on, and marvelous sites to read all inspiring commentary. 

I post something to the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop/Point Loma page every day.  Today I’ll post pictures of volunteers from the volunteer meeting last night.  Creativity creeps back past my blandness, and tho I am disappointed in one shot, another isn’t bad at all.  Twice a week, I work at the store.  Mostly books.  That’s good.

The days slip by me.  That’s ok too.  Just as long as I don’t lose more of me, That’s ok too.

  • Himself:  Exercise, work, play with his game, eat, WW.

  • Herself:  Exercise, work, work with photos, read, eat, WW.

  • Reading:  Moon’s space operas.  I love ‘em.

  • Out of Balance:  Missing the passions of Robin Williams.  Terribly sad about his death.


    1. Lovely pictures. And you have a great husband.

    2. The Great Geezer??? Not if he does the laundry. ;-) I'm sawing wood to make frames for my bathroom mirror.

    3. A beautiful woman in your photo. Sort of model painted by John Singer Sergeant.

    4. Yae Mage! Good for you! I'm still trying to finish up stuff over here. I have a gazillion photos to go through and put into books. Good for the Geezer to help out!

    5. There's no shame in having and enjoying less productive moments.


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