August 26, 2014

Summer's End

OB 1980.

The official end of summer seems to be here again.  Today we sang happy birthday to one of the water aerobics ladies whose birthday it is tomorrow.  She won’t be here.  School is starting for her.  Another teacher began her last year yesterday.  I know we will see her more once she retires, but we will miss her until then.  Another teacher talks of packing books and giving away her office things.  Still another is subbing all year.

The days are still warm here.  Out At SDSU the days will be hot, and there the school of nursing is moving from building B to building A.  Change is everywhere…and sometimes heat makes it worse.

It’s in the 80’s here at the beach.  I’ve said goodbye, sang and said happy birthday to two.  I’ll miss my friends, but my summer keeps on keeping on as long as the sun is out.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, he did laundry yesterday.

  • Herself:  I should feel guilty as I read allday.  Today, pool, talk with Bobbie, read….LOL

  • Reading:  The last of Moon’s “Vatta” series.

  • Balance:  Not reading all day.  LOL


    1. If SDSU is South Dakota State, then my hubby is an alum!

    2. I saw two young trees halfway turned today. Fortunately, the others weren't like that. But still ...

    3. We had a beautiful summer's day today. I spent it gardening and had a wonderful time. Tonight I ache, but I'm happy.

    4. Guilt and worry...two useless emotions...I keep telling myself.

    5. I'm glad the trees outside the window are still green.

    6. We're losing a few leaves here but mostly due to the blinking heat. The fair begins today here and then school on Tuesday. Many changes.

    7. My driveway is full of yellow leaves from the tulip tree and my next post on Room Without Walls will be about fall.

    8. When you have finished with summer remind it to pay us a visit - I'm missing it dreadfully. I'm seeing some spring blossoms starting to appear which is a good sign it won't be far away.
      Like you I spent a good part of my day today reading. Still stinging from the fine I got yesterday tho'

    9. It was so hot at Disneyland yesterday I almost melted. But the park numbers were low so we had fun!


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