September 10, 2014

Drawing a Selfie

Taken in the early 1980’s

Yesterday I tried to draw myself, and it doesn’t look like me.  I don’t think of myself as fat.  Large, yes, but not morbidly obese…which I now am.  The antique fountain pen jammed up just as I was nearing the end of the sketch.  I was pleased that I could still draw in this new looser style, but I wasn’t happy because I couldn’t finish the sketch.  Silly me.  And here I had been worrying about drawing at all.  I liked the one I did in the 1970’s all covered in Duck’s wool quilt and a printed bed spread.  It doesn’t look like me, but it feels like me. 

I have to look at the new doodle again.  Maybe it feels like me too.

Old Doodle.  1970’s

  • Himself:  Didn’t feel ok last night.  Feels good this morning.  Skipping gym but got Grumpy to the Mechanic.  Work, Fish taco dinner.

  • Herself:  Felt great last night.  I'm thinking we had a bug this week.  Skipped the pool but got Grumpy to the mechanic.  Off to books, then dinner out.

  • Reading:  More Alexander Kent’s Bolitho.

  • Balance:  Quietly working with books.


    1. Your days seem to have that perfect rhythm...but maybe it is your blog format that makes it seem so!

    2. Great sketch. I feel as if I look the same and have no idea how to feel my age. Ha ha...except when I get up in the morning.

    3. Love your black and white sketches.

    4. I am so jealous of your long legs! Nice sketch. I think you should post more of them. I remember when I got to read your paper/pen journal that you included sketches.

    5. I posted a cartoon about selfies last week. I can't share it with you, but you could go and look at my timeline. It's an "Arlo and Janis" comic.

      You're in a distinguished group!

    6. I thought you'd given up all of your fabric 'habits'. ;) I don't see you as fat at all... Hugs to you both... T

    7. That's an impressive and fun doodle. You are quite talented.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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