September 16, 2014


The lines look a little like a hula skirt waving in the wind.

Moving on to the next item in my annual physical stuff.  Last week shoulder and hand.  Yesterday eyes.  Today hand surgeon.  I’ve heard nothing about the mammogram, but I know I am plugged into the system. 

Didn’t we used to go to one doctor and have  everything taken care of at once?

  • Himself:  Grumpy and sick yesterday….”Zero to asshole in five seconds,” he says.  At work.  Enjoying Ken Burn’s the “Roosevelt’s” in the evenings.
  • Herself:  Really pretty good.  I won’t get lost getting out of the doc’s office if I use the GPS.  Now there’s a confession.  Dinner: Chicken salad with half a muffin.  “Roosevelt’s” this evening.
  • Reading:  Perhaps the heat has taken me away from both Kent and the Mitford books.  Instead, I find I am really enjoying reading Sheib’s, “White House Chef.”  What a gem.
  • Balance:  Staying cool.  It was 82 at the pool this morning, and I am heading down into the valley now.  G has the AC on.  106 in woodland hils, 105 in Escondido, and 92 here at the house on the beach.


    1. Sorry about the heat, wishing you some relief soon. It really can drag a body down.

    2. Evenings getting cooler here and almost time to close the windows at night. I know I will miss the heat...but not yet. STILL waiting for the results of an x-ray taken 8 days ago...have called the office three times!

    3. Ugh.. waiting for results can drag you down. May they all be good ones. And it does indeed look hulaesque.

    4. Sure, we once went to just one doctor; now our primary doctor often operates as a traffic cop, telling us who we should see for a specific condition.

      But most of us never realized how often the one doctor we used to see didn't know what was the matter and was afraid to tell us he was guessing.

    5. Wendy told me it was hot-hot-hot out your way. Hopefully, cooler in October. Very cool here, three blankets at night. Almost time to break out winter stuff. Therapist working on multiple issues. Makes one realize how intricately balanced is the body.

    6. thinking much of you in the scorching heat passing you well!! xoc

    7. In the main we still have just the one doctor who occasionally will refer us elsewhere.
      More and more we are encouraged to be responsible for our own health but as I told one bossy nurse - "alas I can't do my own internal examination."


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