September 19, 2014

Militant Me

The Great Geezer with his new Bowler at Comic Con, 2014.

We are not an adventurous lot this week.  I had nightmares about being sent to the wrong mammogram place, and G didn’t feel well all night long.  Me, I’m practicing my deep chest coughs, and wielding my sneezes as hidden as I can while militantly trying to banish the cold.  

No pool, yes, work hidden in the back room for three hours, and a semi quiet evening at home.  G has to go out and turn over the BBQ, at last, to a reliable person.  Thank heavens someone volunteered.  I was getting a bit militant about asking folks to take the commitment too.  Some ran away at my approach.  LOL

  • Himself:  We need to figure out what is bothering his tummy.  Worked hard yesterday and will again today.  Tells me that the computer shop is able to salvage Margot’s two code books.  Progress.
  • Herself:  Have a list ready for Costco, coughing, and reading.
  • Reading:  Not able to really concentrate.
  • Balance:  Rain this morning.  Amazing.


    1. Sounds like a tough time right now. Be patient, there is bound to be an upturn. Maybe Geezer needs to visit the doc if this is lingering? Fall colds are the worst.

    2. So glad that the expensive books on the computer were saved.
      Sorry to hear that you and G are just not feeling you think it is the heat just wearing both of you out?
      I'm really about the loss of the baby in your family. My BIL and SIL lost 2 babies ~ one was stillborn and one died at a few weeks of age. They went on, however, to have 3 more children who are grown now.

    3. So when are the doctor appointments.. particularly for Geezer.

      As for the mammogram dream.. it sounds like you were booby trapped. ;)

    4. Super rescue of those books! Hope you both feel better soon.

    5. Glad you have some rain there. I love the dryness, but enough is enough.

    6. Thank goodness for rain!
      I hope you both feel better.

    7. Sometimes we just have to settle back and let others do it. I know it's hard.


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