September 21, 2014

Sunday Snippets 121

  • There are not just costumes and panels at Comic Con, there’s also a chance for new and old artists to show off their work.  I love to see the Artist’s Alley.  I never see enough of the new artist’s work in the smaller spaces.  I try tho.  Most of the more popular illustrators tolerate me and my camera.  I enjoy the Small Press area too.  I can find a few of the illustrators that I longed to emulate when I was working at a newspaper.  There are a lot of women illustrators now also.  Wonderfully exciting to see them.  This year I specifically went looking for Moira Hahn who does magical animated watercolor Samurai Cats, but she wasn’t there.  I’ll keep looking for her, but who knows what excitement we will find in the great hall next year.

  • The very expensive computer guy was able to save all the contents of Margot’s lap top hard drive.  Utterly amazing.  George backed up her code books yesterday.  She will be paying us back.  Perhaps the lesson is, for those of us who aren’t computer folks, if it makes a noise, stop using it.

  • The weather has cooled down just a bit at last.  For those of us who live along the coast, these 90 F days, 32.222222 C, are ruinous.  Today G and I are luxuriating in 72 degrees of coolness under the night and morning coastal clouds  Glorious stuff, cool air.

  • Life:  Yes, I feel fat and ugly; I also feel fractionally better about “the cold.”  Pizza at Costco yesterday was very bad for my morale, but I did note it in my WW tracker….even if I forgot to go get weighed in.  Yes, my replacement red, Born sandals arrived and are only like my old ones at first glance.  Cost cutting measures have left me with textured plastic instead of real leather.  Yes, I had a muffin for breakfast.  Yes, I will bake a cake for the meeting today but don’t know yet if I will go.  Cough, cough.  Yes, I did call the doc’s office and confess why I wanted to go to Clinic A instead of Clinic’s B and C for my mammogram.  “I got lost,” I told the lady.  I can’t read the building numbers or the words on the buildings even with my new glasses on.  Last time not only did I get lost, but I cried over it all.  All this misery was compounded by the fact that it was for a second mammogram and ultra sound.  At Clinic A, I can get it all don’t at one place.  I’d rather just be frightened and not lost at the same time.  So goes my days.


  1. The cooler weather is indeed glorious. I am thrilled! Good news on the computer.

  2. Sorry about the shoes, how disappointing. Cool computer rescue though. May the weather stay cool for you.

  3. Oh, I would be a crying mess for the same reason if I were still driving. But the motor and quick reacting brain cells necessary for non-lethal driving are no longer operative and others have not stepped up (figuratively) to take over those functions. Hubby can still see and accompanies me, so I generally wind up where I am supposed to be.

  4. If the computer makes a strange noise, back up your work -now!

  5. Cool weather is good. I hope for perfect weather while I'm there.

  6. I'm so sorry you were so sick, Mage. I have to get on a low sweet, low fat diet too. My nurse practitioner says my triglycerides are way too high. Sigh....


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