September 9, 2014

Tuesday's Tidbits

Virga over San Diego and a sub.
  • All day I, and other’s here, look out the windows, look south watching for the storm to come in.  The greasy yellow grey clouds have us all fascinated.  By dinner time, we can see the results of the rain.  It fell from our mountains east through the deserts flooding everything in sight.  Phoenix isn’t rising from the ashes, it’s sinking under the flood waters.  Las Vegas is a giant swimming pool.  Palm Desert through Utah, Phoenix through New Mexico, all were hit by massive walls of rain.  Those of us here on the edge of the west coast remain dry and droubted. Today it’s to be 92 here at the beach with an equal amount of humidity.  I confess, G has the AC on.  Oh, guilt.
  • Family changes.  One grandson out of the military and employed.  I worry.  Daughter Margot still sending out applications to fire departments lives north in the terrible heat.  I worry.  Other daughter has a job…I still worry.  Granddaughters…some have jobs, some don’t.  I keep them all in my thoughts throughout the day.
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine reinvented itself.  From a staid women’s magazine to a lively series of colorful GOOD pages, it became something I looked forward to reading every month.  As Editor in Chief, Rosemary Ellis took charge and created something wonderful and readable for the 21st century.  No more series of endless columns in the front and articles to the rear.  This was a template for women’s magazines that had failed.  Instead lively headers, material that was not only useful but to the point, all laid out under the new headings.  GOOD Food, GOOD Health, Good Books…and even fiction.  Suddenly, Ms. Ellis moved on to “pursue other opportunities.”  What an awful phrase.  Now the magazine isn’t GOOD any longer, it’s just bland.  Boring.  The content seems neutral, and I don’t want to stick around to see it evolve.  Someone made a major mistake here.  Bland isn’t Good.


  1. Print mags, newspapers, etc. all in trouble. However, we like our periodicals, don't we? Almost all of mine come on my iPad. Or else I let the subscription expire. Now I have hundreds, if not thousands of mags to recycle.

    I'm worried about granddaughter #3. She is beautiful, has a good job. Makes good money and had a good man. However, she has other issues that could ruin her life. We are all praying for her.

  2. I am dropping my subscriptions except for the science mags. No more Good Housekeeping for me as well as Southern Living which I subscribed to for decades. Still find Consumer Reports valid even though I consume less. The floods in AZ and Nevada are humbling!

  3. I don't think we are getting any rain at the coast.

  4. I talked to my friend in CA yesterday, and she expressed how dry it was there. It's a very strange cycle of wet and dry now. I understand it will be unseasonably cold in the north again this year.

  5. I let all my magazine subscriptions expire. I keep praying for all our kids. The storms are truly frightening. Why do people still try to drive through those flooded spots I wonder?

  6. Now I am worried about Las Vegas where Lisa lives.
    Sorry about the magazine.

  7. Sounds like it's either flood or drought in your area. I hope you get 'some' rain soon.


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