October 17, 2014

Lead Sleds

1951 Mercury, “Big Orange.”

A small crowd of folks with a little grey here and there.  Lead sleds.  Lead was used as the filler post WWII.  These are old white guys low riders.  The precursors to the low riders, and tho just as much work they are simpler in design.  The boys in my neighborhood all customized their cars when I was a kid.  They removed the badging and the handles and locks.  Little squares of primer marked these cars as loved. 

Today they are in museums.

Yes, we coked and dined, and hugged poolie.  We shot cars, and were grateful that we got there in time as the freeways all over the city were stopped.  I’ll go back and see these again.

  • Himself:  Worked really hard all day today…and got a little laundry done.

  • Herself:  Lots of donations….it was just a lovely thing.  Mammogram results in, and for the first time ever I do not have to go back for more.

  • Reading:  Taking a break from the early alphabet letters and reading “V is for Vengeance.”
  • Balance:  Gratitude.


    1. Now that's a brilliant orange.

    2. We love our old cars....but this one is really orange!

    3. Wow, that is a car that would never leave the driveway...so smart looking.

    4. The big orange. My FIL had a 1957 Pink Chevvy. Fins and all he kept it in the garage and it looked as good the day he died as the day he bought it. Don't know where it is now.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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