November 14, 2014

A Holiday Extravaganza

I know it’s early in the season.  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but we do this every year at this time.  We are a bit behind the other stores, actually.  Most of the other American Cancer Society Discovery Shops have theirs on the 4th

Few of our volunteers are young.  Several didn’t come to help this year as they have grown tired.  Several large, grey haired older husbands came to move boxes and eat the wonderful pot luck foods.  The boxes seemed endless this year, and they seemed heavier.  Fewer books tho.  I was disappointed by this.

I’ll go in early this morning and wave my camera around.  Bobbie and Jay are to come by the store, but I was thinking of asking them to stop by the house instead.  For some reason, I too seem tired. 

  • Himself:  Got to the store in time to eat.
  • Herself:  At the last minute, I found one whole box of unpriced books….marked priced.  Grrrr. 
  • Reading:  Another Reichs
  • Balance:  A mid-day nap yesterday.


    1. Only six weeks til the holidays. Around here the some of the local schools no longer call it Christmas. Probably just as well. I like the term Yule.

      Re naps, David loves them. I sit in my easy chair and cogitate.

      Wish I lived closer. zI'd help at your store.

    2. Cleaned out the garage and moved all the boxes of clothes and stuff to the thrift shop. Big box of paperbacks...un-priced...went to the store. I am really debating about how much I will decorate. I did nothing for Halloween and since I am going to daughter's house, will not decorate for TG like I have done every year before!!

    3. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..... so the song goes.

    4. I have to decorate for Christmas, since it's the only time all my Santas get to come out of the closet! But not until after Thanksgiving.

    5. Sue has begun decorating around here as winter weather is fast approaching. I realize that many Americans prefer to wait until after your TG, but by mid-November, Canadians are starting to gear up.

    6. Talking to grandkids about Christmas, but not even thinking of decorating yet - if ever. I'll be in the city next week, and I'm sure the stores will be in full regalia. I like your blog design - the postscripts are so personal that I begin to feel that I know you.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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