November 29, 2014

Ah, Dust!

Old blue ornaments and me.

I thought we could take our time with this.  Sort through the too many ornaments and discard.  Slowly.  Suffering the tortures of the dammed with the dust.  But no.

He had the lights hung and the red ornaments packed and back into storage in an hour.  I’m way behind the plan slowly hanging the new ones on the tree while missing the old ones I can’t find.  Didn’t I have three boxes of those 1960’s half silver and half blue ornaments?  I can find only one box.

He runs off to the museum, and I dissolve into shakes from the dust.  Even living in sealed boxes placed high in the attic, the dust grows.  We did find the Mexican tin painted creche after a long, frustrating search.  It’s going to look really nice on the wall hung mantle above the TV. 

Now that he’s gone, watch me.  I’m taking my time.


  1. Pretty balls. Better to have fewer to juggle, especially those full of dust.

  2. Lovely blue Christmas. I hope to get mine down to where I can put them in dresser drawers, ha, ha, ha. I wish.

  3. You are better than me. I don't feel like decorating for Christmas. Maybe, I'll change my mind next month. Lol.

  4. Tote that barge! Lift that bale! Crack that whip!

  5. Mage, thanks so much for stopping by and making my day all the time. You're keeping my spirits up as we trudge through all our photos to make our Photobook. It's so hard! We're celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow and I can't seem to get my act together for Christmas. I need you over here to put up my tree!

  6. Bit early yet - I don't normally do ours until just before Christmas Day.
    We've been here (in Oz) 42 years now and I still find it strange to have a tree adorned with baubles and twinkling lights awhile it bright sunny and 30c outside!
    Yours will quite nice dressed in blue :)

  7. This will be another year of no decorations or at least very few. My kids all like to celebrate in their homes so there will not be a soul here but me. My joy comes from simply turning on the Christmas music.

  8. We'll be heading over to the kids' place to help trim their tree today -- which I will do as little of as possible. :)

  9. Get yourself one of the high end dust masks...really. They can help until all the dust settles and you won't get ill. I helped with the kids tree today. Thinking ours this year will be the small one.


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