November 28, 2014

The Last Days of November

The Tiny last cottage on Lotus Street where I lived with my two kids, where I met George.

It’s been a lovely few sunny days with crisp nights.  Somehow that seems perfection as I watch the weather reports from the east.

I talked with my youngest twice this week.  She seemed happy to hear from me and I delighted in hearing her voice.

“I don’t want money, Mother, I want something you picked.” 
Looking from the top of the Point across North Island, Coronado, and the bay to Downtown.

We got Margot a few real things this year too.  Usually, knowing how broke they are, I send money.  Maybe it’s because Mother always sent me money that I’ve done it all these years.   

OK, so now I’ll send things up into the land of the rain and the land of the heat.

I post pictures from the land of the sun taken on Thanksgiving day too. 

I wave.


  1. It is indeed the land of rain. It's totally wet and dreary today. But when spring comes its beauty will cause us to forget days like this one.

  2. Money is often appreciated when you have so little, I can remember those days.

  3. I have one who is a bit short - short of cash at times (as well as short of height all the time lol)
    I often get her vouchers - fuel is one she appreciates also vouchers from her local butcher. They love to go to the cinema when they can afford it so cinema vouchers are welcome as well (especially Gold Class ones)
    Yes in a way it is cash but cash in disguise that she doesn't mind getting.

  4. You met George IN the cottage?! That must have been an experience. lol kidding

  5. I used to give cash or gift certificates, but this year, I have bought objects that they might like.

  6. The yellow cottage hasn't changed.

  7. It is so hard to know what the young-ins want, I think. I sometimes give gift certificate, other time local art stuff, and sometimes we exchange lists of what we want. I love that little house and I bet there are lots of memories from there. What a life you have lived!! Did you ever write how you met Geezer? Maybe I missed it.

  8. I seem to remember that little cottage. Was that tall apartment there when you lived there?

  9. Aww.. it must bring back memories. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

  10. If I had lived in that tiny cottage, I would never want to leave it. Beautiful.


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