December 29, 2014

2014 Christmas Cruise 3: Ensenada and the Ship

Lifeboat davits with Ensenada in the distance.

Seagulls taking a bath at the end of the slide in the Children's Pool.  These gulls plagued the ship and traveled port to port on it.  There were employees topside assigned to just clean  up their messes.

We should have gotten off even if to wander through downtown Ensenada just to break through the blahs that descended on us. 
Tho G seemed to be happy, I felt the day was meaningless and endless.  I read two books and got a nap in.  We floated for a while in the adults only hot tub.  The day was beautiful.  Dinner was ok.  G won a good amount in the casino, and that was good tho he couldn’t breathe later. 

Tied up in Ensenada.

Inside the ship, the first thing you see is the atrium.

We had been to Ensenada before.  What we hadn’t seen was the Carnival Inspiration.  Carnival had hired Joe Farcus to design the interiors of their second ship.  Today the Carnival ships are unique because of Mr. Farcus’s out of this world architectural design.  Many don’t like what he does.  They are revolted by his designs, and they call these over the top ships “Farcusized.”  Carnival now has new management, and Farcus has been moved over to the Costa Fleet.

The Carnival Inspiration is a Fantasy class ship and one of the older ships in Carnival’s 24 ship fleet.  There was nothing at all conservative about Farcus’s thinking when he designed this ship.  Glowing neon lines outlining each deck in the  atrium.  Rows of catydids outside the showroom, and electric tubes in the Lido…just some of his dramatic thinking.  Here is a quick view of his work on this ship. 

The Lido with towel animals on a chilly December morning.

Random carpet shot a’ la Peter Knego.  The Rhapsody in Blue Piano bar.

The Lobby Menorah.

The over-the-top Lido…breakfast and lunch Dining site aboard the Inspiration.

Main show room overall view.



  1. What can I say? I don't get some art.

  2. Oh my - not quite like HAL. Not sure I could eat in the Lido with all that tubing above me but then each to their own I suppose and it is the service that counts. I shouldn't judge tho' because I have only ever cruised HAL and have nothing to make that judgement on.
    Overall did you have a good time Mage?
    Back to commenting again - here's hoping 2015 is a good year for you and The G.
    Take care

  3. As you know I like the smaller ships where the chef comes by the table to ask how you liked the food---still institutional but more palatable. Those gulls and their e-coli would have kept me out of the water the whole trip...and yet I swim in the ocean near the same gulls! Certainly interesting art and some day bits will be in museums to discuss. Sorry you have reached a nirvana of boredom, hope that passes.

  4. Looks like a lovely way to spend the holiday.


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