December 27, 2014

Christmas Cruise 2014: Day One

Empty check in stands.  We didn’t take in the lack of traffic into consideration so arrived to check in hours early.

Day one: Departure:

          We were packed the night before.  Lightly, for it was only four days.   Pillow bag, two backpacks…his with the electronics and mine with the meds, and two small rolling suitcases.  We have never packed so lightly. Only later did we both discover that I didn’t count my days right and neither did the great Geezer.  He ran short on underwear as did I by one day.  We both would run out of long pants as the week went on by.

I can hear you laughing.  I’m sort of laughing.

We left early to beat the traffic, and we found ourselves there two hours early.  Waiting.

Pants.  My tan pants are aged.  No rapidly aging here…they are already there.  I didn’t take this into account as I put them on.  After the first day, they were saggy, baggy, and ephemeral.  George?  He forgot to look at the sizes of his pants.  Whoops, too small.   The wind and surf and other random factors left the two of us with on pair of pants each for four days…plus dress pants.  We each had a few more options when it came to underwear.

Carnival Inspiration tied up in Long Beach.

Once onboard, our big adventure was in finding an electrical plug that would suit the HP Laptop.  Afterhours of looking in every corner, we found only one.  It’s opposite the coffee shop on the promenade.  Lunch was good.  Dinner was good.  The show was even good.  Walking wasn’t good at all.  It was as if I had not moved my legs on dry land for over two months.  We slept like rocks, discovered how the alarm worked, and I found the Continental breakfast bar.  Hurrah.  

  • Himself:  Came down with a light cold.

  • Herself:  Fat but happy.

  • Reading:  Perry’s.

  • Us:  Breakfast with Carol and Robert at Perry’s, G works at the museum till four, and something with Bobbie at 4 too.


    1. You two are so funny. And addicted to your computers I think. I vividly recall you saying goodbye to all that.....

    2. Love this, and I look forward to hearing more cruise adventure. Happy New Year :)

    3. Nope, addicted to our pictures. We have to have somewhere to download them hence the laptop. :)

    4. Hope you learned the trick of turning underwear inside one would know but you two. LOL

    5. That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you had fun in spite of your pants.

    6. Ha, ha, a new traveling pants book!

    7. So,in spite of the hiccups, did you do some relaxing?

    8. Ha.. for all of the traveling you two do, you'd think you'd have the packing thing down to a science. I'm sure nobody knew about the undies.. until now. ;)

    9. This all sounds like a ton of fun to me! We just bought a laptop for our travels.

    10. Gee, the clothing fiasco sounds awful. Lol.


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