January 20, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 15: Sunscreen

I spent years baking my hangovers out on the beach at tower four.  Winter and summer you could find me there.  When I started pushing a broom for the lifeguard service, there was no sunscreen.  When they invented it and suggested we wear it, I poo-pooed the idea.  I no longer laugh at that idea.  Not at all.

  • Himself:  Felt fully like himself yesterday.  Heading to the gym this morning.

  • Herself:  Spent yesterday mending a quilt.  It should have gone to Father Joe as it is coming apart at the seams.  No matter how many times I mended a seam, it's still coming apart everywhere.

  • Reading:  A Craig Cole and Pike mystery.

  • Balance:  I’m going to the pool even if it is 50 degrees F.


    1. The best sunscreen is staying indoors! Lol.

    2. Dermatologists can see sun damage in certain lights. My dear daughter, not yet 40, already had sun damaged skin. My worst is on my chest! We and you are thankful this has not morphed into cancer! Your photo reminded me a little of Orange is the New Black which I am binge watching on Netflix this week.

    3. We used to cover our noses, ears, and lips with zinc oxide pre-sunscreen and got some awful sunburns everywhere else. I have assorted spots all over and had a couple of basel cell thingys rremoved from the side of my face next to driver's side window, ;-) Get 'em checked if they look funny. Still I wouldn't trade my time on the water or at the beach. Love your face!

    4. They will say..she died with her towel on.

      Found another Puritan Rev in my tree today.

    5. Agree with the folks who love your characterful, happy face.

    6. At least you now have laugh lines.

    7. Love your smile, Mage! I'm told that sun damage begins when you are still a child. I wear sunscreen now, but I didn't when I was younger. Sigh... I wish I did too.

    8. So beautiful, so real, so not-botox!

    9. I think we all of a certain age did the sun thing. We even thought it was healthy.


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