January 30, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 25: Sisters

They argued from birth, but if there was a crisis they stuck together.  One has hippy leanings and the other is iconoclastic.  Never a dull moment.

  • Himself:  Spent an awful lot of yesterday working on my computer.  Got it running perfectly, but this morning it was back to square one.  He's replacing the Operating System from a back up this morning.

  • Herself:  Therapy.  I helped get my computer running again, and set up the backup computer for use.  He says my one year old HD is making noise. I'm  on the list for volunteers at Comic con.  He isn't.   I really feel bad about this.

  • Reading:  It's mysetery winter here.  Finished Crais and reading JA Jance.

  • The cry of the day:  "The computer needs to go to the shop."


    1. Hope the computer can be cured. Nothing worse than having to fuss with those technical problems.

    2. David just retrieved our one viable desk top from the repair shop. $100 so we can do taxes.

    3. My post for you is up, but you may still be in computer no man's land and missed it. Really sorry about ComCon. Don'tknow what go say.

    4. I love my brother, but I was always envious of friends who had sisters.

    5. You have my sympathy about your computer woes. Buy a new one! Lol.

    6. Nice pithy yet incisive description.


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