January 31, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 26: Stopping by the Woods

When this lovely couple sent out their wedding invitation, there they were in the same spot.  Not off to the side, but right in the middle.  After this visit, as we were getting ready to leave there was a lovely mist gentling the hills behind the old barn.  

  • Himself:  Today weigh-in, get some papers notorized…just transfering a retirement fund around is involved, and working in the museum till four.  I have two backups.  G will be mirroring this one during the night while it is in good shape.
  • Herself:  Following G around, recreating my journal entries for January, continue mending on that Flying Geese quilt, and maybe finding some of the lost to me pictures of grandkids.  Basically, I’ve lost one year of grandkid pictures.
  • Reading:  An old JA Jance.
  • Balance: 
  • Making time for a cup of tea and a book this afternoon.


    1. Is this David and Katy? Lovely photo.

    2. Really like this photo, makes me want to drive out of town and look around at the country-side.

    3. There they are again. Terrific photo.

    4. This to me tHis is what B/W is all about. Mood and Mystery.
      It has a Who What When Where and Why about it.

    5. You friends have such interesting faces and attitudes...good captures of each. This photo is another one of those stories. This was the time they planned marriage?

    6. Tea time for sure. I've lost photos too. That's what comes from having 70+ years worth.


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