February 13, 2015

A Weather Report

1989 LA Rail Show: G&M with Union Pacific’s 8444.

Hot winds up to 80 mph here.  Trees topple, oversized vehicles are discouraged from travel, and dust leaves the whole county sneezing.  Or coughing.  That’s me.

G locks up the house at dawn keeping the cool air inside.  Thanks to the new windows and doors, most of the house stays in the 60’s.  Outside along the beach we are in the 80’s.

  • Himself:  He had a good but unexciting day.
  • Herself:  Pool, another ugly hair cut, and got both vehicles washed.
  • Reading:  Nothing….oh help.
  • Balance: 
  • Heading into air-conditioned work.


    1. Looks like we were on the right track!

    2. Another great photo of the two of you.
      Indoor temperature in the 60s is much too cold for me.
      I prefer 75-78.

    3. A wonderful photo! Hope that weather out there settles down soon.

    4. Great photo of you with a beloved old locomotive. I knew you shouldn't have mentioned how nice your weather was yesterday. The Santa Anna winds blow hot and cold.

    5. Woke up to 37 in Charleston and by PM in FLA it was 65. Adjusting.

    6. Wonderful! I love that photo of the two of you.

    7. Hello greetings.

      Very interesting photo.

      Best wishes

    8. I know I posted, but hubby wanted to add that these winds are energy coming out of the ocean...but you knew that.

    9. Really?!

      Here's us: "Today is ‪#‎Ottawa‬'s 24th day since Jan 1 with temps below -20°C. Most since 1994."


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