February 17, 2015

Rugs and Other Sundries

I come home from my jaunt to the pool today to find the laundry going around, bread rising, and the crows fed.  In response, I did most of the dishes.  There were more hiding behind my back, laughing at me for not seeing them.  I allowed them to get away with it.

I’m supposed to chat with Bobbie on Tuesdays, but she is shuffling art hither and yon.  Instead I’ll make the bed and shuffle my camera around.  I am totally out of fresh Discovery Shop pictures to put up on Facebook.

Why the bed?  We had visitors yesterday.  Margot on her birthday…so I made the bed…a make the house look nice sort of gesture.

“What a great quilt,” she said when she saw the bed.  Hadn’t she ever seen the bed made before?  Obviously I usually just pull the covers up.  I believe chagrin is the applicable word here.  Two hours later another, totally unexpected visitor. 

This morning I asked G, “Will we have any visitors today?”

Sometimes I’m the laziest person I know.

  • Himself:  Trying to make do with only one monitor.  The contrast between new and old was too great.
  • Me: Came home from the pool and dozed over my computer, dozed over lunch, and took a nap till after one.  Still reading the new AML.
  • Reading: Skimmed a Reeve Lindbergh book about the three other families.

  • Balance: Not spending my whole day sleeping.


    1. My days also run away with me. I got my taxes filed and submitted my most recent manuscript...if it is accepted, I will have more time to do other things. Loving all the old photos.

    2. That isn't a bad rug. Like we need another.

    3. I love to have visitors, so would be looking forward to a visit. Come on over!

    4. Visitors...do not let you know they are coming? I usually cook for two...for leftovers...for two. Do not like surprise visitors. I want to be the best hostess, so they need to give ma a heads-up.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. So where's the bit about the rug? Did I miss it? I usually make the bed by pulling up the covers, especially if you are just going to crawl back into it.

    7. That's a lovely rug, Mage. We usually fold our bed covers open during the day to air it out so it's never actually made unless we have guests. This has been such a CRAZY month full of guests for us too. I'm rather exhausted to tell the truth.

    8. I have days like that too. I wish I had more!

    9. We frequently don't put the pretty cover over top.

      Maybe hubby needs to buy a second new monitor? Alright, I'll hang my head and bit my tongue while I'm at it.


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