March 12, 2015

Busy, Busy Days

I can’t do layout and paste up like I did in 1983.  My cursive went after the stroke in 1989 first, then my carefully cultivated printing, then more small TIA’s kept altering things, then my drawing board and tools went last.  I find I can still sort of doodle.  After twice running some type through Kinko’s, it still came back to me on glossy paper.  You can’t draw in pencil on glossy paper as there is no tooth to grab the colored wax or graphite.

So, after the pool I did a doodle on board, cut it out, will elevate it slightly above the printing, and deliver it.  All this after lunch, before picking up the taxes, and before pricing more books.  It’s been like a golden stream of printed materials at the store.

  • Himself:Even skipping his NCIS to watch the last bits of “West Wing.”  Our anti-hero confessed that he “did it” last night, so you know we are into the last of the last.
  • Me: Sunshine. 
  • Perfect days.  I’m being one of those grateful old ladies.
  • Reading:
  •   Have a pile waiting for me.
  • Balance: Getting all the small stuff done.


    1. you need to post a photo of the latest artwork here.

    2. Yes, I would like to see the artwork, also!

    3. Oh those darn strokes. My left leg is still weak. And I stopped smiling because the left side of my face won't behave. Not frowning either, I have miles to go yet.

      That is a wonderful photo of you in red swim suit with long curls. Why do you fiddle with the pool when you have miles of shore to visit?
      Now I'm off to walk the dog in this glorious sunshine.

    4. TIAs took my MIL from us. She kept her personality but began to lose us! You look like a tough cookies in that photo I wonder if much got by you?

    5. Gratitude is a wonderful feeling! I would love to see more of your artwork too.


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