March 10, 2015

Missing Her and Her....

I confess, this picture of Seedys and her Chevy truck was taken in 2009.  I haven’t been to Alaska to see her since, but we have talked often since then.  She’s become a friend over our many years of talking
She wrote in her blog,I have NOT googled this or any other malady. I do not want to know until a doctor tells me what is what and what’s next.  Were I to imagine what is next, logically it would be surgery to remove those pesky growths on my pancreas… all your prayers and notes are buoying me up.  Blessed be!
I worry.  She’s been busy, obviously, since early February.  Not a word written either on her often daily blog or Facebook. 
Another blogger, Harriett, last wrote January 31st.  She had a cold and cough and was nursing it through the cold weather and storms.  One storm blew a window open in her room at her senior housing tower, and she got very cold.  She was also having some computer problems.  Harriett was a regular writer.  I miss her too.
Every day I look for them.

  • Himself:Still enjoying work.  Gave Grumpy a long run out to Poway last night.
  • Me: Pool without the militant aerobics instructor the last two days.I think most of us like a kinder gentler leader.  Got lettering back from fedEx and it’s still on a semi-gloss paper.  Mounted on foam core too.  I think I will cut out the other drawing and mount that on their lettering.
  • Reading:  Rhys Bowen. Balance: Went in to the shop to put the mountain of books on the shelves.  Ommmmmmmmmm.


  1. I've got to admit that no notes is the new low in "comments."

  2. No notes? Please explain the lettering thingy. Maybe I missed that. I think I am coming down with a cold today, but dragging myself to a meeting anyway.

  3. Do stay in toch. Yes, I will have to travel to CA again, just to see you. My grandsons are great, but now that they are teenagers, you are more fun. Ha Ha!

  4. I heard from Harriet's daughter in Connecticut. She has terminal cancer. About 6 months. I meant to tell you on Sunday. She is in a medical facility like a nursing home. Will probably not leave.


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