March 14, 2015

Oh, Vanity!

On a clear day, you can see the mountains.  Today will not be a clear day as the off shore winds will be blowing dust and desert detritus our way.  Santa Ana winds will win this weekend through Tuesday.  The mountains will be in the 70’s at the height of the day, but we here on the coast will be 91F.  Did I mention that I was heat sensitive.

In 1955, very proud of my one year old matching pencil skirt and sweater set, I wore them to school on one of these hot and miserable days.  At some point, I had washed the wool sweaters in the Bendix, and they had compressed themselves as hot washed wool is prone to do.  So there I was, vanity fast losing to the heat.

Now in 2015, I own little wool, no pencil skirts, and I own no sweater sets though a couple of cardigans lurk in the recesses of my closet.  I’m going to wear shorts today to help wax my truck, Grumpy, even though my right leg is thoroughly scarred.  There are times to let your vanity go.

G has turned the air conditioner on.   

  • Himself:He had a good day yesterday.  Today, dodging the St. Paddy’s day parade, he’s going to wear Geezer shorts to work at the museum.
  • Me: It’s supposed to be in the 60’s F here this time of year, but yesterday was 83F at the store.I will have the time to catch up with you all later while I am trying to stay quiet and cool.  Dinner and errands at Costco tonight.
  • Reading:Still Sue Grafton’s “D…”
  • Balance: Staying still.
  • Check out this link:  Your Age in Days
Thanks to Ronni Bennett, I now know:
Birth date: 11 Sep 1941
Today's date: 14 Mar 2015
You are 26847 days old.
Which is 3835 weeks and 2 days.
That's 73 years and 184 days, including 18 leap years*,
or 73 years, 26 weeks and 2 days.
In other words, that's 882.1 months.
Therefore, you are 73.5 years old.
You were born on a Thursday, your last birthday was a Thursday
and your next one will be on a Friday.


  1. I might just have to get one of those Ralph Polo shirts with an 8 inch embroidered horse & rider on the front.

  2. Shorts weather? Really?? Today is about 50 here and so wet with rain that I can see gray everywhere. Count your blessings. My legs have no scars from operations, just a number of scars from living an active life.

  3. A Happy 26,848th birthday:) Already another day older and deeper in debt. LOL Guess I better check Ronnie's blog.

    Dread having to turn on the AC. Big electric bills!!

  4. I was definitely warm yesterday. I kind of liked it.

  5. Today, its 52 degrees here and I'm loving it. Wax the truck? You must be mad. Oh that's right you live near the salt air.

  6. Funny I mentioned Ronnie as well in this morning's post. Didn't like the numbers one little bit :)
    Our weather is a bit cooler now - guess it's only polite to share it.

  7. 91 degrees? Yikes! We're getting unseasonably cool weather in Hawaii and I'm loving it, but it's supposed to warm up this week.


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