April 18, 2015


I must confess.  I’ve got his cold.  A shared cold isn’t exactly a better cold, and I am sinking while he is getting better.  He reports this will be a seven day cold.  I’ll let you know.

  • Himself:  Worked two whole days last week.
  • Herself:  Shot both stores, and had fun despite the cold.  Achooooooooo….
  • Reading:  ”The Great Railway Bazaar.”
  • Balance:  Naps are a very good thing.


    1. I hope the cold isn't too miserable. Some varieties are more bearable than others.

    2. Get well soon. My sniffles are pollen-related!

    3. Happiness is just a week away.

    4. Maybe some hot tea, a good old historic film? (I saw The Man Who Never Was the other night and it was as good as the book Operation Mincemeat.)Hubby and I shared a two-day cold in early March, no fun, I know.

    5. A whole week? Ouch! I sure hope I don't pick it up on my trip to the Mainland.
      Get better soon!


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