April 10, 2015

Great Progress

George deals well with cranky computers first thing in the morning.  It took about two hours to get me up and running again, but he did it.  I go to a lot of strange sites, he told me.  (The sites are over there in the columns to the left.)  He uses Combofix.

He found one of the four….yes, 4….of the Canon’s that works well enough that he could chance it with me.  The lens makes a little noise, and the covering of the USB port is missing.  Still, it focuses.  We have great progress on all fronts this morning.

  • Himself:  At work despite me.  Missed the gym tho.
  • Herself:  Took two Tylenol and did all my exercises while waiting for all the programs to work.  They worked.
  • Reading:  Not one thing at the moment.  I have a pile just waiting for me tho.
  • Balance:  Computer and camera’s working.


    1. Your month is beginning to sound like mine. People who solve our computer problems ( I have none at this time) are golden, because they really do not like this challenge as much as we think!

    2. Fight entropy! That's what my husband always says. He is an ace at fixing computer problems,too, thank goodness.

    3. Your rose is beautiful. I love the white edges.

    4. Remember when we didn't have to have all that technology working to function in life?

    5. computers and cameras need to work well.


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