April 8, 2015

Photos by Braille

No dropping the camera this time.  Progress.  I made a real effort to find something besides roses in the images I was shooting…ants, bees, or aphids for instance.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything that really amused me.  The bees were mad about this succulent, but as far as I know not on any of the roses my camera visited.

Yes, I have three of these old but excellent Canon’s, and they would be vastly better if I didn’t keep dropping them.  The camera I took with me this trip met with a soft carpet  recently, and now the focus light doesn’t always come on or stay on.  Is the picture in focus?  I haven’t the faintest idea.  Most of the pictures I took this trip were by braille.

I hesitate to use the good camera, and I resist using one of the other Canon point and shoots.  I really don’t want to shoot any more series by braille if I can avoid it.   

  • Himself:  Gym, work.  Atkins is working.  Might go with me to see Cinderella.
  • Herself:  Pool.  The guy who shelves books on Wednesday mixed fiction and non-fiction.  Reshelved and shelved books.  Helped sort and felt covered in dust.  I love this job despite the dust.  Couldn’t honk Grumpy’s horn at an *** **** who opened his door into traffic.  Two dealers ago put the wheel on at an angle, and we didn’t have it fixed then.  Our fault.  Now we have to pay again to have it put together correctly.  We shouldn’t be so timid about things.
  • Reading:  A Bosch mystery.  Sometimes these books are so emotionally weighty that I grow tired of the negativity before I get to the end.  I need to ration them.

  • Balance:  Washed the dust off.

    1. I decided today that the book I am reading about French politics is not worth my time after almost 100 pages in...so going to read a book of good short stories to see if I can apply the structure to my little but long short story I am working on. I think what you may need is a wrist strap. I never use any of my cameras without a neck strap or a wrist strap.

    2. We once dropped a p&s when they were still young and expensive. And that was the end of that camera.

    3. Your comment about shelving books reminds me of the time I with two professors and a friend organized the Sociology Dept library. Everyone had a different idea about whether a book went here or there.

      My advisor said he didn't care where each individual book went, he just wanted to be able to find them later.

      Later, I got a job in the main campus library. I realized after a year or two of handling books that how you catoagorize them is a matter of perspective. The categories are in our minds, and minds seldom meet. That's why for years we relied on Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress.

      Did I ever tell you about the time I was offered a job by the LOC. didn't take it. The Congressman I worked for, a conservative from Chicao recommended I take the private sector job I had been offered. I think he was wise. Can you imagine the rrustration of working for the Library of Congress?

    4. Cinderella was pretty good.

      No more dropping cameras!

    5. I need to work on my assertiveness, too. And I try to avoid negativity in people and reading. Avoiding my own negative thoughts and words is harder, but I am working on it.


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